So what has it been, a month or so since we have been locked in without sports? We are living in different times for sure. I just never could have imagined a world without sports. My little guy has not played a baseball game in a month and he lets me know every day. We are all trying to come up with something to get us through this crazy 2020. The imagination of many has been in full swing as any and every kind of poll, contest or bracket has been done on all social media outlets. In a world without sports, this is what we have resorted too. Enjoy!

The Polls

Social media is crazy to begin with, but now add in the prospect of talking about anything except sports. The best part is it is not just us average guys and girls but the pro athletes themselves. Everyone needs to talk about something. Let’s start with the Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers. He had one of my favorite scenarios yet:

I mean you have the money but you’re only taking ONE? I can see at three right off the bat I’m going home with if I had the cash. Let’s face it the number one is number one for a reason – it is the best! At 4.2k likes, there are many people out there making this hard life’s choice. But this is but one of the many things we have obliged to do while stuck inside with no sports. By the way, numbers 6, 12, and 13 seem to get a lot of votes.

Tap the Screen

So let’s say ice cream is not your thing. That is okay because we have more. Let’s get back to a little sports with our no sports fun. How about if we put your life in the hands of two, yes two, random NBA players. The first player you get will go up against the second player you land on for your life. Are you living?

I got Ginobli vs Shaq. I hope it is 50-year-old Shaq. If this does not get you through the day then nothing will. Heck, who is watching? Do it a few times! One time I got Kobe v Kobe and I thought, okay this is a wash right? But this is for your life and if Kobe does not beat Kobe you loose! Do you think he could hold himself scoreless or stop himself at all? Bad matchup to me.


Now if this is still not for you and you can’t see wasting time hitting your screen for a player then how about a bracket? There has been a bracket put out for everything under the sun. Robinhood Snacks put out a bracket that was loaded with four different conferences. They have the Food and Beverage sectional where you have McDonald’s all-day breakfast against Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Easy win for Popeye’s right?

But then they have the Industrial and Finance regional. This is where big boys like Ford take on Pay-Pal and Tesla takes on Delta. WOW right? The excitement to know who won that one is… well I won’t ruin the suspense. Don’t want to spoil your vote now, would I? They have the Tech and Media where a battle between Apple and Amazon will take place. Finally, they have the Retail and Fashion.

What a bracket, now that is a few days of good ol’ lockdown fun. There were also Twitter profile brackets, local food spots and even have the best mascot bracket. I am sure you could find a bracket for whatever you wanted if you tried.

Start One, Bench One, Cut one

I have one more type of good social media fun to get you by. This is the start one, sit one, and cut one. I am sure you have this one right? They will show you three players and you must rank them by start one, sit one, and cut one. But this one had to be the toughest:

I mean, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant! Now the thing is there are those that are loyal to one of these players and would not vote on merit but by what’s in their heart. If you go by their careers then this should be a tough question to answer and sure to start many fights while locked in. I myself went, start MJ, sit LBJ, and cut KB. It just seemed like the right thing and was a bit easier to do than I first thought.

If you are like me you can not wait for sports to return. But while we are all locked in waiting this whole thing out at least we have social media to get us by. The fact we can be secluded yet still be together is a wonderful thing. And having all these people with the imagination to help keep us all entertained is just great. So why not? Create a poll for the best bug or put a beer on your garage door and chug it as it opens. Whatever it takes we all are all in this together.

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