I was sweating when it got to the Giants. It was certainly possible that the Jaguars or Chargers would trade up and leapfrog Miami to take Tua. But, fate in its infinite wisdom, decided that Tua to Miami was meant to be.


The Dolphins passed on Drew Brees twice, They passed on Matt Ryan for Jake Long. But, finally, the Dolphins have smart people running the show. Not doofuses who have a weak grasp on how to build football teams. Actual men who know what’s going on.

Whenever this season begins, Tua will not be asked to start right away. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a pretty good year last year and knows the offense. Tua can sit back, learn from the Harvard grad, and heal up even more. Then after next year, he can come in and be the man for the eight-plus years. Chances are, he’ll play games next year because that’s what usually happens.

I know there’s a large sector of Dolphin’s fans that are upset about this pick. That you can’t draft a guy who has been injured as Tua has been. To them I say, get over it. Tua will deliver so many TDs. It will be the best ever. I think I just spoke in a language you understand.

Rejoice and know that the Dolphins have a quarterback that’s the real deal. Enjoy the rest of the draft, take a drink like me, I’m having four, and be merry.

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