We lost the on-track racing shortly before the race at Atlanta a few weeks back. We didn’t and still really don’t have any idea when racing will be back. However, drivers within the sport came together relatively quick to give us fans “The Replacements” race on iRacing back on March 15th. The fan base was super excited about the race and happy we got to watch some of our favorite drivers on TV. Since then we got the introduction of the Pro Invitational Series on FOX Sports, and then most recently the short track challenge put on by NBC. However, one thing has been consistent through all the additions to the iRacing schedule. Fan’s old and young alike have not quit griping about the iRacing product.

“It’s not real racing”

The on-screen product is not real, you are correct. They’re virtual cars manned by real drivers sitting in there street clothes in their homes. However, the argument that it’s not real racing is completely ridiculous. Let me just show you according to Google what the definition of racing is when used as a verb.

“to compete with another or others to see who is fastest at covering a set course or achieving an objective.”

Definition of Racing according to Oxford’s Learning Dictionary

Seems to me like every single one of those drivers is competing with the other to see who is the fastest on an iRacing track. Let’s not forget that each one of those drivers in street clothes sitting at home is just as competitive as they are on Sundays strapping into a real car. We got to witness a “fan favorite” in Bubba Wallace rage quit this past Sunday’s race at Bristol.

It show’s you that these guys still are worried about competing. Heck, even their sponsors are taking it seriously. The sponsor on the car Blue Emu has gone as far as filing a lawsuit against Bubba for his actions. Also dropping there sponsorship with Bubba in real-life racing! While I find this action a little too much on the companies part it still shows this product and the exposure is still very much real for the drivers and companies.

Heck we even have seen drivers like Kyle Larson and Daniel Suarez get parked for aggressive driving during the race. That lead to Suarez posting on twitter calling his friend Larson out.

Quit Griping About Wrecks

The second biggest complaint I’ve seen is the wrecks are unrealistic. They are wrecking to much and too frequently. Which I’m not disagreeing with but really? Come on guys. You watch races on Sunday and you have fans who complain if there wasn’t a single wreck during the race they gripe. So I mean really you can’t win for loosing with certain fans within the fan base.

Quit Griping about iRacing wrecks

The thing you need to realize though is the system is so much different than a normal race car. While similarities are there within the system. It’s nothing like sitting in a real car and watching that it’s obvious to see. Seven-time series champion Jimmie Johnson recently said in an interview when asked about iRacing that he practiced for around five hours a day two weeks straight. That is coming from a seven-time cup series champion. If you need any more reason to see how difficult the iRacing program is for drivers who aren’t familiar with it then I don’t know honestly what else to tell you.

Please, Just Quit Griping About iRacing

So, listen I know you aren’t able to attend the track over the weekends. You aren’t able to drink as many beers with your buddies and stuff your face with junk food. I understand that as much if not more than some of you I lost my chance to go to Atlanta a few weeks back due to all of this COVID-19 stuff. I know the lack of car’s running high speeds, and not being able to smell burnt rubber or race fuel sucks. Just remember a few things.

The wrecks realistically won’t be as prevalent I’m sure once the less experienced drivers get more experience. They’ll be able to drive these sim rigs a lot for fluently. So understand that these races are going to continue. All I’m asking is quit griping about the wrecks and quit griping about it not being real cars on the tracks. You lost your mind before this series ever started if you thought it was going to be a real-life NASCAR comparison. This is as close to NASCAR racing as you are going to get for the foreseeable future.

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