Yes, that is right it is time for the NFL draft. In a world, with no sports, this is as big as we are going to get for a while. This is a big draft for the Denver Broncos in many ways. They have what they believe to be the QB of the future in Drew Lock and are looking to rebound from the past few seasons. The Broncos select Jerry Jeudy.

Round one

And with the first pick for the Denver Broncos, they select Jerry Jeudy a wideout out of Alabama He is one of the best wideouts in the draft and will help Luck no doubt. While at Alabama he had a great three seasons and is just what we needed. He has been said to be one of the best rout runners ever and a nightmare for any CB to go one on one.

Put Sutton on one side and Jeudy on the other with Fant at TE and Lock has plenty of weapons to go to. And with that one-two punch in the backfield, the Broncos offense is set to go this year. While at Bama he had 2742 yards with 26 touchdowns in three years. With a career 17 yards a play, he will be a handful from the start. Can he come in and start from the go? Yes, he has the type of game-changing talent that makes you a better team to have him.

There was a touch of concern about the health of his knees but his agent shut it down quickly;

“Again, this rumor was spread days before the draft by a team that is looking to cause a stir and hoping for Jerry to fall to him. Not happening,” 

And it seems like Elway was not scared by it at all and got his man. Now it is time to address that line and maybe a CB or so. For now, I give the Broncos an A and reserve the right to change this in about two hours.

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