The Masked Singer presented the smackdown round on Wednesday. Four of the remaining 8 singers went head to head in the smackdown round. The clues were presented in suitcases that would contain the items for each singer. Here are some highlights from the episode and a must-see reveal.

Smackdown Round 1: Night Angel vs Kangaroo

Night Angel

The Night Angel performed Man I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain this week. It was a strong performance that helped her get through to the next round. In the suitcase, the Night Angel presented a snow globe, a crown, and an insect. The judges guessed that she could be KeKe Palmer or Taraji. P Henson.


The Kangaroo had a nice performance of No Air by Jordin Sparks. She performed like she had something to prove and showed her vulnerability. Even though it was a strong performance it was not enough to get past the Night Angel in this round. The Kangaroo’s suitcase featured DJ turntables, lipstick and a wooden ship in a bottle. There was a guess of LaLa Anthony and social media guesses of Jordan Sparks.

The face-offs round winner was the Night Angel. This sent the Kangaroo to the smackdown final face-offs.

Smackdown round 2 : Turtle vs Astronaut


Turtle performed Let It Go by James Bay. His performance was filled with a lot of emotion and it seemed like he came to win like a true contender. In his bag, the turtle featured the letter NKOTB which could stand for the New Kids on the Block. It also showed a Boston Red Sox baseball mitt, cologne and a diary with a knights crown.

As for the guesses the judges were thinking of boy banders Joe McIntyre and Nail Horen. On social media, there were a lot of people saying it was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block based on the clues and performance.


Astronaut had a beautiful rendition of If I Can’t Have You by Shawn Mendes. He gave everything he had in that performance. Even though it was not enough to get past the turtle, it was nice to see him show more confidence. The suitcase for Astronaut contained an accordion, a white horse, and a light bulb. The clues did not help much because all the judges could come up with was Seth Green. Hunter Hayes is a guess on social media every week.

The Face-off winner was the Turtle who inched his way by the Astronaut who found himself on the bottom two. It was the best battle of the night between the two heartthrobs.

The Reveal

The smackdown round featured Kangaroo taking on the Astronaut in the smackdown at the end of the show. The Astronaut won the tough battle in the end. The Kangaroo was revealed as model Jordyn Woods, who showed that she had another talent. This was a fun episode to watch, the smackdown round was a nice addition to the show. Tune in next Wednesday for more performances and surprise reveal.

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