Hey, Belly Up fans! It’s your girl, Kat AKA @TXSportsQueen! For this installment of The Queen’s Take – The WrestleMania That We Need!

Months ago, thousands of fans expected to be flocking to Tampa this weekend to partake in all of the WrestleMania events. With the Coronavirus pandemic, WWE made the tough (but necessary) decision to move the show to the Performance Center with no fans. Yes, it totally sucks and the atmosphere won’t be the same! On the other hand, we have to look at it like this…


Major sports leagues like the NBA and NHL suspended their seasons while MLB is postponing the start of theirs. Sports fanatics are relying on highlights and ESPN re-airing classic games to fulfill their needs. With WWE, we temporarily have an alternate location for shows with limited personnel on hand. After next week, we may be relying on the WWE Network for entertainment until the pandemic is over. In the meantime, we should be grateful for the product that they are putting out there for the WWE Universe.

This is the WrestleMania that we may not have hoped for, but it’s that one that we need for sure! 

We also should keep the superstars in mind! God bless them! These men and women do so much for us on a regular basis. You can tell by their remarks on Twitter that they dedicated themselves to ensuring that this WrestleMania is extra special! 

That’s all for this installment of The Queen’s Take – The WrestleMania That We Need! We know that this pandemic won’t last forever! Take the time this weekend to enjoy the action and the hard work that every superstar put into the show! 

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Until next time, Belly Up family!

Your queen has spoken!

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