Becky Lynch announced that she is leaving wrestling on WWE Monday Night RAW show at the Performance Center on May 11, 2020. They opened the show recapping what happened at the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, which were won by Asuka and Otis.

The Announcement

After that, the announcers told us that Becky Lynch had an announcement to make. She had been advertised to confront the winner of the Money in the Bank briefcase, Asuka. We hear her music.

The first thing I noticed is that she wasn’t holding up her title or even wearing it. Then I noticed that she has Asuka’s briefcase in her hand. Becky definitely wasn’t strutting around the ring looking happy to confront her once again which is her normal demeanor. Becky started off saying how torn she was between joy and sadness because things are about to change.

Now, I had heard all the rumors about her leaving WWE. I’m sure that you heard them, also. They were because she might be pregnant or she was leaving to film a Marvel movie. Some rumors had her planning her wedding, getting married and going on her honeymoon. I also heard that someone in her family was sick and she was going home to Ireland to take care of them.

Becky said that she spoke to the decision makers of WWE to raise the stakes of winning the briefcase at the pay per view. So they did. The Money in the Bank Women’s Ladder Match wasn’t just for the briefcase.

Looking Back While Looking Ahead

Becky, all of a sudden, looks around the Performance Center and it was she finally realized she is leaving. She started crying and talking about walking in there in 2013 as a loudmouth Irish woman that loved puns and tea.

The fans did cared about her. They carried her to making history and through her injuries and her triumphs. The fans latched onto her when she didn’t have anyone else and she responded. She said that’s why she wanted to tell the fans first. They deserved to hear it from her. Becky needed to go away for awhile. After Asuka came out, we hear Becky say to her, “Go be a warrior because I’ve got to go be a mother.”

Understanding Rebecca Quinn

I think to really understand the significance of this moment. You have to understand Rebecca Quinn. The woman who came from Ireland and became Becky Lynch. She is 33 years old and came to WWE developmental at 26 years old. She actually had already quit the wrestling profession once after being around the world and traveling the different independent wrestling circuits. It nearly broke her that time and here Becky is leaving again.

Becky grew up near Dublin, Ireland and we fans have seen her at various points in WWE get to go home to visit family and friends. They’ve shown it on the WWE Network or on RAW and SmackDown. She grew up in a divorced family as her parents separated when she was one year old.

Becky spoke about her troubled childhood at different points in her WWE career. How she was “going down the bad path involving alcohol” before wrestling helped her give it up.

Becky actually started wrestling training at 15 years old in June 2002 in Ireland. She used the name, Rebecca Knox and was soon making her way throughout Europe on the independent wrestling circuit. Then around 18 years old she came to North America. She landed in Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling and she soon became their first Supergirls Champion. After that, she won several championships in many minor wrestling promotions around the world.

The Injury

However at 19 years old in Germany, Becky suffered a severe head injury during a match that required her to leave wrestling for the first time. In September 2006, she was diagnosed with a severe concussion and possible damage to her eighth cranial nerve. She took off for six years and only wrestled on three different occasions in Ireland.

In Ireland 2006, she started recovering and then she went back to school at the Dublin Institute of Technology to get her degree in acting. She worked as an actress being cast to numerous plays around Ireland. Becky thought she was going to start a new dream of being an actress. She wasn’t sure about making it work and being broke all the time. She ended up working as a flight attendant for two and a half years.

WWE Developmental

Becky Lynch always had loved pro wrestling and decided to pursue it again. Like she stated in her going away speech, she came to WWE developmental in April 2013. She signed a two year deal with NXT and ended up getting back in her groove. On August 29, 2013, WWE decided she would be Becky Lynch.

Where Becky had been out six years, she had to work on getting her skills back until NXT decided that she was ready to be on the WWE Network. Her first TV match was against Summer Rae on June 26, 2014 and of course, Becky started off with win. However, it really wasn’t until her big loss to Sasha Banks in the Women’s NXT Title Match at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable on May 20, 2015 that the wrestling universe really took notice of Becky.

The Debut and The Fans

Right after that on Monday Night RAW July 13, 2015, Becky debut with Charlotte and Sasha Banks when Stephanie McMahon announce the Women’s Revolution. She ended up teaming with Paige and Charlotte. As Becky started getting back into traveling all over the world again and performing for WWE, she noticed that the fans were enjoying all of her ups and downs. They got into all of her wins and losses, and the struggles that her character was going through. She started really connecting to them. Becky was rewarded for all of her hard work, by being the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion on September 11, 2016.

The Heel Becoming “The Man”

However, Becky didn’t truly connect with all fans until after losing the 2018 Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Becky decided to turn heel for the first time on the main roster on August 19, 2018 at SummerSlam by attacking Charlotte Flair. She also started verbally attacking the fans for not really supporting her and how Flair was given everything she wanted by the WWE. After beating Charlotte in the 2018 Hell in the Cell match for the SmackDown Women’s Title, the second time, Becky became the character of “The Man.” She now stated she was the top wrestler in the entire company.

Becky started developing “The Man” as a brash character ready for a fight at anytime for any reason. On TV, the fans really got behind her two months later on November 12, 2018, when Becky catapulted up to superstar status. Nia Jax accidentally broke her nose and gave her a real life concussion on live TV and Becky kept going in the ring. That is the famous incident where Becky has blood all over her and continues beating on everyone in the ring. Then she goes up the stairs through the crowd and turns around to point at the ring.

Now the cocky heel was a fan favorite just strutting around in her “The Man” personality. At WrestleMania 35, Becky Lynch ended up being in the first ever women’s main event for a WrestleMania and she won. That is when she became known as “ Becky Two Belts.”

Seth Rollins

Now, this is also when rumors began flying around about the start of her new relationship with Colby Lopez, who you know as Seth Rollins. It wasn’t until June 2019 that WWE talked about the relationship on TV and then it became a storyline on WWE. It caused a lot of fans to really question whether it was real or not.

However, the couple announced their engagement on August 22, 2019 on both of their Instagram pages. They were actually planning a wedding for May 2020 until COVID-19 started and they decided that they needed to postpone it. They haven’t set a new date yet. Instead in May 2020, Becky got to announce on Monday Night RAW that she was pregnant.

The Reveal

In People Magazine which ran right before the show with the exclusive, they revealed that Becky actually found out in April that she was pregnant. Seth was there when she did her first pregnancy test wrong. Becky had to get another one, a digital one, and when the word “Pregnant” came up Seth threw his hands in the air all excited. Becky said that she was laughing.

The Return?

Now I know many of you out there in the WWE Universe have already penciled in Becky’s return match. A lot of fans have said that it’s set for WrestleMania 37 against Shayna Baszler. After she made comments on the May 11th episode that Becky announced she was leaving. Well, Becky’s due in December and that would give her around three to four months with the baby plus getting into wrestling shape. Yeah, I’m not sure that happens.

Becky has been very open about her family struggles after her mom and dad separated. She is extremely close to her brother and all of her friends in Ireland. However, she blames her getting into alcohol on not being supervised well.

Seth is really big into family and connections He is close to his parents and brother. Also in September 2019, he just found out that he has another brother and a sister. He didn’t know anything about after taking a DNA test.

Seth has also been setting up for the future. He has a wrestling school in Moline, Illinois where he actually lives. Also he recently opened up a coffee shop called 329 D-port in his hometown of Davenport, Iowa. So Seth is already started putting down roots and planning for the future.

I don’t know what the future holds for them. Who can say? Becky gets so emotionally attached to the people she truly loves. Does that mean that she leaves wrestling forever? I don’t know. They may decide that they want a second child and a third child. So, it may be a couple years before we actually see Becky Lynch back. Then again, she may have this child and decide it is going to be the only one that her and Seth have. She may want to stay home and be with the baby instead out traveling 300 nights a year. WWE has one of the worst schedules for a parent right now.

My Prediction

I think we’ll continue to see Becky Lynch because Seth will continue to wrestle. I don’t know when we see her again and if we see her in a ring. We may see her on commentary like Beth Phoenix and occasionally wrestling like Trish Stratus does. Or we may actually see her come back on TV, but just in the crowd. Becky may decide that she wants an acting career.

I don’t know.

I’m gonna let you in on a secret. I don’t think Becky knows yet either.

Let me know what you think. A few of you in Twitter have got her coming back on WrestleMania 37. Then there is others saying no, she definitely won’t. Make sure you follow Belly Up Sports for all your sports and wrestling news. Listen to my podcast or write me at

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