Let me just say this right off the bat: Michael Thomas has been much better than DeVante Parker has been thus far. It’s actually not even close. Thomas has put up 5,512 yards on 470 catches in four years while Parker has put up 3,419 on 235 catches in five years. These numbers are irrefutable and need to be taken into account when choosing who is better. But the question that got Michael Thomas all antsy in his pantsy was this Twitter graphic/question that was made where DeVante Parker chose the non-Michael Thomas is the greatest human being to ever exist choice.


It goes on from here.


It was Inevitable

To be fair, Thomas would have found something to get all worked about and get mad on-line because he’s Michael Thomas and that’s what he does all the time. He really should be on a Geico commercial where it simply says; if you’re Michael Thomas, you get pissed off whenever any random person says anything slightly negative about you, it’s what you do.

He had a problem with Tony Romo making the decision to accept to being paid $17M a year to announce games.


He talked trash after his team, you know, the thing he belongs to, lost the previous week in the playoffs to the team that beat him.

So yeah, Mike Thomas just seems like an insufferable person.

The Question at Hand

But to answer the question about which is harder, either catching a pass on Stephen Gilmore or breaking up a pass guarding Michael Thomas, for me, a very non-athletic person who can barely jump over a soda can, it’s hard to say. I know if Gilmore was guarding me, I’d get pummeled into the ground on the line of scrimmage and if I was guarding Michael Thomas I’d be giving a 100-yard cushion. But these are pro athletes. Parker, who torched Gilmore in the last game of the season last year, thinks that’s harder than stopping Michael Thomas. Flip a coin.

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I did like how Parker mentioned that Thomas gets targeted 300 times a game. Is that some hyperbole, just a little bit. But it certainly needs to be mentioned. It’s going to be very interesting to see how Thomas does when Brees is gone.

I can tell you that Parker didn’t mean to have Mt. Can’t Guard Mike erupt when he answered this. That, or he knows he has Michael Thomas’ brain all figured out and decided to force Thomas into a room with a jugs machine just so that he can prove all the doubters, which there aren’t any, wrong. Perhaps, Thomas is trying to take every slight or perceived slight to heart and use it as motivation as Michael Jordan did. Maybe, he’s got really inspired by The Last Dance. I don’t know. I do know that Michael Thomas is steaming while Parker is having a relaxing Monday. The checkmate goes to Parker.

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