I’m not saying that I want anything bad to happen to Josh Rosen. He seems like a regular dude who it is fun to throw a few back with, in a hot tub, of course. I’m speaking strictly as a Dolphin’s fan. Do we really care what the Dolphins do with Josh Rosen? I, honestly, don’t think we do.

What We Know

We know that Rosen was traded during last year’s draft and that the Dolphins gave up a second-round pick to get the former number 10 overall pick in the previous draft. Since I’ve laid honesty on the table, I thought it was a no-brainer that Rosen would start the year even with Ryan Fitzpatrick brought in. I figured, let Rosen show what he has and then decide on what you want to do at quarterback for the next decade. Turns out, the Dolphins don’t care what I have to say and they went with Fitzpatrick to begin the year. Rosen started three games and played in three others. When he did play, the offense didn’t go anywhere. Fitzpatrick was put back in during the Washington game, and he played well after that.

If you want to go the route that there were dropped passes for Rosen and that’s why he gets overlooked, be my guest. I’ll tell you that every quarterback has to deal with dropped balls. Did Rosen have to deal with more in a short amount of time? Perhaps, but it was plain to anyone with a brain that Rosen just didn’t have it. You can tell, most of the time, pretty early on, if a guy has it or not, and Rosen didn’t have it. I don’t feel like getting into an argument about what “it” is. I also don’t feel like combing through the handful of quarterbacks who sucked their first few years and went off to have excellent careers. So, keep those in your pockets.

If They Keep Him

There are two choices the Dolphins can make with Rosen, and one of them is for the team to keep him. It wouldn’t bother me at all if they kept him. I say this because I know he isn’t the long term plan. We know that Tua is and nothing can change that. Still, the Dolphins could keep three quarterbacks on the roster. That’s not unheard of. We all know Tua will play, and will probably play this year at some point because that’s just how these things work. Always take the under when it comes to when a player will see the field and take the over and when it comes to how many snaps they’re going to get (some betting knowledge for you, for free.) Tua won’t start because Fitzpatrick is a boss and he knows new offensive coordinator Chan Gailey’s offense. That, and he finished on a furious pace last season, where he was lighting everyone in his sight up. Plus, you try telling this person he’s not the week one starter.

Miami Dolphins QB Ryan  Fitzpatrick & DT Davon Godcheaux Give ...

If They Trade Him

It certainly seems that the ultimate fate of Josh Rosen is that he’s going to be traded. When that will happen, who knows? But you know you’ve seen all the talk about teams inquiring about what it would take to get him. Rosen went for a second a year ago, didn’t play very well, but is two years younger than Joe Burrow. That, to me, means that the best the Dolphins would get for Rosen is a fourth round pick. It’s a cruel world, but that’s how it goes. If the Dolphins trade him it means a few things. It means that they’re comfortable with Tua being the supreme backup to Fitzpatrick. Fitz will start the year due to knowledge of a new system and rapport with the receivers. Trading Rosen before the season means that Miami is confident that Tua can step in and handle the job if he had too.

It also means that the organization swung and missed on Rosen. To that, I say nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Ultimately, I think Rosen stays with the Dolphins for this year. Even with Tua, I don’t think the brass wants him to play early and it’s very possible Fitzpatrick turns back into a pumpkin and needs relief. That could happen in Week 3 and if that’s the case, Miami isn’t going to want to send Tua out there. You might as well send Rosen out there. Who knows, you might have a Rivers/Brees situation from 2005. Maybe Fitz flames out, Rosen goes in and rips it up and you can trade him for the second-rounder that you traded for him originally?

Either way, there isn’t much need to get hot and bothered what the Dolphins do with Josh Rosen. Still, don’t let me stop you from losing your mind online. I would never want to get in the way of that. Enjoy your long, holiday weekend.

By the way- I bought a Josh Rosen jersey last year. So, this was very hard for me to write. But I understand when and how to rip off a band-aid.

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    Truly who is to say that Tua is it, Josh could be it. It’s better to have a couple of players than one player u think who is it who could bomb out

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