Stealing some of Rattlesnake’s thunder with the Smash Mouth reference in the title, although I’ll admit his All-Star scheme was (69…) nice. BUT, we’re here to talk about the real All-Stars, both ERSCA and NASCAR. Big thanks to Landon Huffman, Jeremy Mayfield, Brent Wentz, and J.J. Yeley for joining in on the All-Star festivities. Amazing to see even more people recognizing this league, and further expanding its reach. The racing wasn’t a let down either. In fact, there was more racing than some might be able to handle in one sitting, not I though. Outlaw race, Open races, Trophy dash, and the Main Event were action packed and super competitive. If you missed those races then have no fear. I got your back.

From Outlaw to All-Star

Chuck Sweeting celebrates his Outlaw race win which punched his ticket into the main event for the big bucks.

The All-Star action actually started this past weekend with the Outlaw race. Chuck Sweeting took the checkered and clinched a berth in the main event. On top of the chance to race against some pros for $100, Sweeting was also the recipient of $50 for his Outlaw win.

ERSCA’s All-Star format included three open races as well, followed by the Trophy Dash. With the top two finishers from each Open race transferring into the Feature. Below are the drivers who advanced out of their heats:

  • Open Race #1: Chris Wright and Johnnie Parham
  • Race #2: Adam Pettet and Marshall Stanley
  • Race #3: Kenny Lowry and Patrick Gaspar

Show Landon the Money

Landon Huffman paces the field in the waning laps of the Dayz Gone By All-Star Race. Huffman held on for the victory and $200 prize.

Some people are arrogant, and others are just confident. The difference is whether or not you can back it up and Landon Huffman can walk the walk. Starting from the back by choice after his Trophy Dash win gave him a shot at an extra $100 as a prop challenge. Using a “YOLO” style strategy down the stretch, Huffman found himself up front at exactly the right time. Despite strong cars behind him in Chris Wright and Dylan Thomas, Huffman easily pulled away for the win after a caution with under 10 to go. That win was worth $100 as well, so he roughly made $100 per hour to virtually race. Now that’s a man who is doing it right folks.

No Power Rankings this week due to the nature of All-Star races, but rest assured i took notes last night and will bring them to the table next week.

Victory Lane All-Star Edition: Landon Huffman

Landon Huffman burns it down, which is okay cause he’s now got two crisp, fresh Benjamins for sim tires (not actually a thing FYI).

“First off Thank you to everyone at ERSCA for hosting the event and allowing me to come out and compete. I love Myrtle Beach and I knew we would have solid speed all night. Won the dash and took the bounty to start from the rear. Tried to slowly make my way through the field there and ended up getting caught in a bang up around the lap 70ish mark. After that we tried to put ourselves in position to play some strategy there at the last stage break and it all worked out. Stayed out on old tires and didn’t look back. Very cool to win the event with @DashThreads on board my @TotalAdvantageG Chevy. Looking forward to coming back next time out!”

ERSCA returns to its regular schedule next week and begins the homestretch of the season with a return to Charlotte. This time on the oval though. If you missed the Roval race you can find my recap and more on our Racing page and our Twitter! And as always the race replays are available on SYM TV!

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