Sammy Watkins, who’s a player in the NFL who everyone has had on their fantasy team who you know is good but seems to always get hurt and just sort of hangs around did an interview with Bleacher Report. And, well, it’s an interview that you really need to listen too. There’s too many, literal, out of this world/dimensions/planes of existence to list them all. The one I want to focus on is where Sammy Watkins says he might be walking around and playing professional football as a dinosaur. The whole interview with Bleacher Report is here.

You’re looking at his human body right now, a 6’1,” 211-pound wide receiver for the Chiefs, but Watkins says he may also be playing this game as something completely different and takes a few guesses here. A dinosaur. A dog. A horse. Yeah, maybe a horse. It’s all possible, he continues, because we’ve all been reincarnated back and forth and keep coming back. We spiral through a matrix until, one day, we find a way out of this world.

Watkins is so sure that all of this is possible and that him being a dinosaur isn’t that far fetched. That’s what I’m captivated with. Sammy’s perspective on existence stems from an encounter when he was researching religious stories about how mankind began. While doing this, he felt a presence. Lets let Sammy explain;

Watkins started to feel a dragon-like, snake-like presence around him, and then, when he went for a drive, he saw something that petrifies him to this day.

He doesn’t dare vocalize details, doesn’t dare risk welcoming this sight back into his life. But it horrified him. It was demonic. It made one thing clear to Watkins: “There’s s–t that can happen in this world that can take your life, my life, if it wants to,” he says.

Who among us hasn’t felt the presence of a Draconian figure hovering around us that jolts us back into coherence? I can tell you that I have several fits of sleep paralysis where I felt that something alien was around me. Now, when I woke up, I didn’t think that I may actually be a triceratops, but I’m not Sammy Watkins.

It’s pretty hard to read the transcript from Sammy Watkins talking about astral realms and not think about the late Daren Daulton. Daulton is the original professional athlete who discussed spending his Friday nights having out of body experiences. But, we haven’t had any professional athletes talk about reincarnation or the spirit world since Daulton. I’m not counting those fakers like Kyrie Irving, Wilson Chandler, Darius Slay, and Draymond Green. Those guys are out there flat Earth chasing and it’s pretty damn pathetic. They wouldn’t know the first thing about Skinwalker Ranch or Phil Schneider’s battle with aliens at Dulce Base. Sammy knows all about it and doesn’t need to broadcast it unless you ask him all about it.

I was already looking forward to the 2020 season due to Miami drafting Tua and because quarantine life sucks as much as anything has ever sucked. Now, I get to watch and see Sammy Watkins knowing that I may actually be watching a real, live dinosaur. It gives the season a bit more meaning.

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