While a road ringer was brought in and dominated the race, the real story was behind winner Matthew Bare. The top five in points had already secured their All-Star race spots at Chicagoland. The rest of the field was holding on for dear life as they tried to maintain their position in the standings. We’ll get to the points situation later though. Charlotte’s Roval is one of the newest challenges for NASCAR and ERSCA drivers alike. Yet some have it figured out more than others. Let’s take a look at who made the most of the lone road race on the schedule.

Road Ringer Successful at Roval

A road ringer is a cheat code to be frank. While it certainly takes A LOT of skill to be good at road racing, most people aren’t comfortable with stock cars on road courses. Even those who are good road racers. Matthew Bare is one of the rare breed who is extremely fast in a stock car on road courses. He won the Wingman Underground event on Sunday before entering the ERSCA race on Monday and dominating as well. The big story of the night though was behind him. Robert Hill Jr. was on the outside of the top ten looking in going into the Roval. He put his #84 machine on the front row and never looked back. His season high finish (P2) was good enough to vault him into the top ten in points and guarantee himself a spot in the All-Star main event.

Also worth noting drivers Liam Sheen (P4) and Logan Shea (P3) also recorded season high finishes. Further proving that road racing is very difficult and only a small percentage can be as good in a stock car at those tracks.

Let’s go to Dirty Myrtle!

My second home. Myrtle Beach Speedway is located in one of the most interesting places in America. Although we’re visiting virtually, if you’ve been to Myrtle in real life you know what I mean. Luckily the “Dirty Myrtle” moniker doesn’t apply to the track as much. With money on the line though, I’d be willing to bet the racing won’t be completely clean. We saw that when Chris Wright nudged Tate Lightle out of the way for $500 last month. Was it a dirty move? Depends on your prerogative, but for that chunk of change I’d send my own mother into the turn 4 wall. Make sure to check out the ERSCA Dayz Gone By All-Star race next Monday!

Also stay tuned for more information on the Belly Up Sports Vegas Jam! Should be a fitting continuation from the aforementioned $500 race we hosted in April.

Top Ten Power Rankings

Just want to say Robert Hill Jr. will be the tenth spot this week strictly because his finish moved him up 7 spots in the standings. I think that deserves a big jump in power rankings as well.

  1. Scott Crump
  2. Tate Lightle
  3. Nick Masse
  4. Dylan Thomas
  5. Josh Adams
  6. Damien Leininger
  7. Joe Francis
  8. Brandon Key
  9. Vincent Isabella
  10. Robert Hill Jr.

 Next week is the All-Star race which should be a helluva show. Keep an eye out for the ERSCA invitees and remember there will be one driver selected by fan vote! For now though, you can find all your ERSCA coverage on our Racing page and our Twitter!

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