I know, I know, that’s like telling water not to be wet (side note: being wet is being covered in water, and water molecules are surrounding by other water molecules, so water is, in fact wet.) Where was I going with this… oh right, please stop partying. If you’ve been to college, I know partying is an important part of the experience. I went to college, and this was me most Saturday nights:

I usually looked like Bluto in college so it may be hypocritical, but please stop partying
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So generally, I’d be telling you to “Party on, dudes” and take that extra shot. You’re only young once. But please, for the love of god, cool it on the partying this semester, there are bigger things at stake.

That’s right. Stop partying or no college football. To some, this may not matter much, but to others, it’s all that matters. If you’re not a college football fan, read on, and I’ll attempt to appeal to your compassionate side as to why we need college football come fall.


Please stop partying so people can keep making money
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These kids need the pay checks they… wait, I’m being told college athletes aren’t paid. Well, they still need the endorsement mone…. wait they can’t get that yet either? What the fuck NCAA, you’re asking these kids to put their bodies on the line, risk brain damage, for what? An education? Yeah, I’m sure Texas State’s starting cornerback is getting a great education.

I could go on about paying college athletes, so I’ll get off of my soapbox, and talk about the average man. Town economies revolve around college football. For example, in towns like Tuscaloosa, locally owned businesses can stay open year round and give students jobs because of the revenue from college football. Take away college football, and most of them won’t survive. I was able to work for a wonderful, family owned store because of gameday revenue.


Whatever side of this issue you fall on, betting is here to stay. It’s a multi billion dollar industry in the US, and that’s only going to grow as more states legalize it. It’s something people enjoy, and gives a rooting interest to the average fan for a matchup between two bottom feeders in the MAC. By taking away college football, you’re taking away a lot of revenue for companies, and a lot of enjoyment to the fans. If you want to throw a bet down on your favorite team, be sure to come back to Belly Up to get a leg up.

I personally don’t don’t gamble, but a fun wager between friends is always a good time, especially prop bets. We used to do them in college all the time, and now you can do them online through PropMe. Whether it’s on a college football game, or even a Madden game between friends, it’s a fun time.

Plain and simple, America needs college football (and sports in general) back. You can forgo a party at Delta Apple Pie or whatever to save the season. I’m looking at you Becky. When Chad texts you about a party at his house, just stay in with the girls drinking a bottle of wine while watching the game, and know you’ve done your part.

Does America need college football? Let me know on Twitter, and follow @BellyUpCFB to stay up to date on all things college football! And one last time: please stop partying.

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