Cam Newton is a New England Patriot, and Rob Parker is rolling in his grave (I know he’s not dead)! Y’all thought you were safe, huh? Roger Goodell thought his days of checking under his bed for Bill “The Boogeyman” Belichick were long gone. Well, Bill knew you were excited for the end of the dynasty, and he had one thing to say about it.

The Dynasty is Back On!!!

You’re probably thinking, “It’s only Cam Newton, he hasn’t been good in half a decade.” You’d be half right. It’s Cam Newton, and he has struggled to produce since his MVP season in 2015. But guess what? Bill doesn’t care what you think. He took a sixth rounder and made him the GOAT. He took a guy who didn’t play a snap at quarterback in college and went 11-5 with him. Cam Newton is a New England Patriot, and the dynasty is back on!!!

But Kevin, What About the Losses on Defense?

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HA! “The losses on defense.” Which ones? The one who was a castoff from the Detroit Lions? How about the one on his second stint in New England who sucked after being traded to Cleveland? Two years ago was a death sentence too. After losing the Super Bowl, they lost Nate Solder, Danny Amendola, Dion Lewis, and Malcolm Butler. That was the end, right? There’s no way they even made the playoffs after that, right? If my memory serves correctly, they won the Super Bowl against the Rams. It doesn’t matter who’s in New England, as long as Emperor Belichick is there.

What About the Stagnant Offense?

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Tom Brady is a corpse in the backfield. I’m not saying he can’t produce still, but if he doesn’t have protection at this point, all he can do is say a few Hail Mary’s and hope he doesn’t get crushed. Cam’s ability to run gives a whole new dimension to the Patriots. With another offseason for N’Keal Harry to develop, a healthy offensive line, and a pass catching back (like he’s used to with CMC), expect Cam to step in day one and excel.

Season Prediction

One MVP quarterback leaves, another comes in. The best secondary in football remaining intact, the young guys on offensive have another year of development, Jules staying, and now an athletic, MVP winning quarterback in Cam? It’s Super Bowl or bust for the Patriots! 12-4, AFC East champs, first round bye, see you in Tampa.

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