A few weeks ago was the MLB Draft and many of you probably had no clue! As we continue to watch the world around us without sports crumble, we are awarded this little glimmer of hope as their truly is light at the end of the tunnel. With the first over all pick in the 2020 MLB Draft, the Detroit Tigers select Arizona State Stand out Spencer Torkelson. For all Tigers fan and possibly all Detroit faithful this could be a huge turning point.

Detroit Tigers Draft First: (All is right in the world again)

Outside of the dynasty Red Wings days, a few good championship runs with the Pistons and a World Series run for the Tigers, being a Detroit sports fan has been bleak to say the least. With an aging Miggy tied to an inflated salary, a franchise QB that has never won a play off game and a NBA team that has big money wrapped up in players who seem to care less about playing in Detroit, the draft gave me hope!

Why you say? Well let me put it this way. Since 2007 (some will argue 2010 Nick Castellanos) the Tigers have completely whiffed on their first round draft picks. Now there is no guarantee Spencer will carry the crown Cabrera once did but it gives a man hope when the talking heads of the world grade your draft out as a success after only two rounds.

Some may have other comparisons, like the tweet above! But for now I’ll continue to drink my kool-aid or whatever they call this drink I have with chunks of fruit in it. I will continue to pledge my allegiance to a city that has brought me more pain than hope and give them another chance…. like I do every year!

With baseball season now quickly approaching, I cant help but wonder if in a shortened year a team like the Tigers could make a run and squeak into the playoffs. The thought of getting hot and ripping off 10 in a row in a 60 game season COULD happen but realistically I am just looking forward to football season…. again why? I don’t know… I am a Lions fan! But at least my boy ZachMac is hyping the Stafford Fantasy train!

Also check out my podcast (What’s Up Belly Up) with co-host ZachMac, where we often mention and talk Detroit Sports.

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