The MLB is preparing for the 2020 season after making a deal with the MLBPA. As for this, spring training will start on July 1st with a 60-game regular season to follow the weekend of July 24th. Here is everything fans need to know as MLB prepares for the 2020 season.

The MLB owners have unanimously voted to proceed with the 2020 season under the terms of the March 26th agreement. The players are expected to report to camp by July 1st at their team’s home ballpark facilities. The trade deadline has been moved from July 31st to August 31st.

Preparing for season

Since the MLB Players Association and the league have agreed to health and safety protocols. They will be working health officials, experts, and other health care workers to ensure the players remain healthy. MLB has created a special COVID-19 injured list to place players who test positive or show symptoms of the virus.

This schedule features a large number of division games with the remaining portion of each team’s games being played against the opposite league’s corresponding geographical division. For example, the National League West would play the American League West in interleague games, which will be fun to watch.

Rule Changes


The season is moving forward at a rapid pace, therefore, teams will need to submit sixty player rosters by Sunday at 3 PM ET. When the season starts, teams will be allowed to carry thirty players on the active rosters. Then it will go down to twenty-eight after two weeks then eventually going down to twenty-six. To tell the truth it sounds a little complicated for it is a short season.

Designated Hitter

One of the changes this season will be implementing the universal designated hitter for both leagues. The designated hitter gives teams the advantage of having an extra hitter and pitchers won’t be hitting anymore. On the other hand, it takes away strategies NL teams like to use in the later innings. When they are trying to match up hitters to pitchers but, with the DH it takes that away.

Since MLB is facing a tight schedule the desire is to avoid 15 inning games. Extra innings will start with a runner on second base each half inning. No limits on position players pitching and pitchers can have a wet rag in their pocket as a substitute for finger-licking. Additionally, the three-batter minimum still stands as it was supposed to. These rules are some minor changes and they make sense considering the circumstances of the season.

MLB is preparing for the 2020 season under tough circumstances and there will be plenty of storylines and teams to watch in 2020. For more sports and entertainment keep coming back to Belly Up Sports.

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