What’s better than the start of summer on June 21st? For most people you can chalk it up as trips to the beach, cooking on a charcoal grill, or sitting outside enjoying a nice IPA at your favorite outside patio establishment. However, that ain’t it chief. Here at Belly Up and Prop Me we are bringing the biggest Summer contest to date! Free to sign up and the winner gets $500. I know for a fact that a lot of people who are reading this are like…I can finally get that (insert your wish list item for $500 here). Personally, do you know how something like this can come to fruition and be implemented with user friendliness in mind and tap into your casual gambler part of your brain? It’s a pretty simple formula and I am here to explain what our partners are currently doing and what it will look like for the future of social wagering and betting.

Peer-2- Peer Betting (P2P) Marketplace

There is a couple of innovations that our partners at Prop Me are bringing to the table that will take the lead on how the casual gambler, better, sports watcher, goes about their daily lives. The first P2P Betting Marketplace. Imagine that you and a friend are at your favorite drinking establishment and the Mountaineers are playing Oklahoma. You open up your Prop Me app and go to their marketplace. You make a wager of $20 that WVU will be up by 7 at half vs. Oklahoma. You instinctively know this to be true because the Sooners can’t play defense. Then you have Kyle who just walked into his favorite drinking establishment opened- up his app and saw this bet and couldn’t believe it! He put his wager against the prop that you just made. In the end Mountaineers are leading by 7 at half and you get the money immediately deposited into your account.

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P2P Marketplace and Mobile Wagering with Prop Me

Or it could be a little friendly competition in Fortnite. You bet with your best friend who is going to get the most kills this game and wager $5. After the match your best friend beats you, the app does the rest and he gets $5 deposited into his account. You look at everything that you have bet on or made an agreement on since you were a little kid. Cornhole, iRacing, Drone Racing, Battle Bots, the props and bets are endless. That’s the beauty of Prop Me and their innovative technologies. That’s really how easy it is!

Pick’em Contests

Imagine as a bar, restaurant or small business the opportunities you have with prop bets, and events mentioned above. E-Sports and non-traditional sports will be taking over the betting market in the near future. There are technological advancements coming that are going to make this possible and make non-traditional sports the mobile wagering model of the future. Prop Me is already bringing you the latest innovation and technology to stay ahead of the curve. As a business you can create Pick’em contests designed for your audience and consumers. PropMe’s Pay-Per-Contest (PPC) will ensure you receive a portion of the revenue for each contest based on number of contests and players that are involved. Services will be provided and pay outs to the winners. Did you look at our Summer Contest yet? It has everything you need to notice the advantage and get ahead of the curve.

Esports, Drone Racing, Politics are just some of the props on the docket for our contest starting June 21st. What do you have to lose? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or visit their website Prop Me.

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