The MLB does not care about what the players want. The MLB does not care about what the fans want. The MLB only cares about their bottom line. No matter what they tell you, the MLB is only interested in losing as little money as possible this year. They don’t care about the player’s losses because, well, it’s not them losing more money.

The MLB submitted another proposal to the MLBPA earlier today and it was not met with much enthusiasm.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that the newest offer from the MLB seemed fairly similar to the others they have made.

It has been made clear that the MLBPA is not willing to take a pay cut from their prorated salaries and the MLB has essentially ignored that fact. The more the MLB makes the same proposal with different wording, the more it looks like the owners trying to win the PR battle against the players. Jack Flaherty, along with being a fantastic follow on twitter, is doing his best to make sure fans know what the owners are doing.

Remember when there was hope? Remember when it was crushed? Remember today as the day the owners showed their true colors and no love for the game of baseball.

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