On May 25, 2020, a police officer knelt on the neck of George Floyd, causing him to die while attempting to put him under arrest. The WNBA has tried to make an impact on raising awareness of police brutality, like what led to the death of George Floyd.

Here are the examples of how the WNBA produces an effect on George Floyd’s legacy.

Natasha Cloud Speaks Out, Motivating People to Not Remain Silent.

Natasha Cloud appeared on The Atlantic, talking about her defense of reproductive rights. This is a good example on how the WNBA has an impact on George Floyd's legacy.
Natasha Cloud appeared on The Atlantic last year, talking about her defense of reproductive rights.

A 2019 WNBA champion of the Washington Mystics published the article in The Players’ Tribune, “Your silence is a knee on my neck.” In this piece, she challenges people to speak up, encouraging them to protest safely and peacefully. She also felt distraught as she heard the heartbreaking news of the circumstances that led to George Floyd’s death. She is sending a message to her fans that this is time for every person to use their voice:

If you’re silent, I don’t f”k with you, period.” -Natasha Cloud

Brianna Turner, a forward for the Phoenix Mercury, stakes a story on her parents’ law enforcement.


Another reason why the WNBA is making an impact on the legacy of George Floyd is supporting the movement. Brianna Turner went to the Sports center to talk about her experiences growing up with two parents that were in law enforcement. Although Turner, typically, does not share her personal life on social media earlier this week. She felt obligated to speak out on her views on the support of law enforcement and condemning police brutality.

Tierra Ruffin-Pratt Speaks About Social Injustice by Holding Accountability for Any Police Who Abuse People of Color.


This Wednesday, Tierra Ruffin-Pratt shares her story about the death of her cousin because of gun violence. She states that there cannot be justice if there is not equality. If Julian Dawkins, the cousin of Ruffin-Pratt, would have killed the white off-duty officer that had killed him, he would get sentenced to life in prison.

The WNBA Players Go out to Protest for the BLM Movement.

WNBA players attended the peaceful protests in this post as they make an impact on George Floyd’s legacy.

The protest is another excellent example of how the WNBA manufactures the impact on the legacy of George Floyd. As several WNBA players have been apart of the peaceful demonstrations in the United States. They are fighting for equality and change.

The WNBPA’s Response to the Death of George Floyd:


It is time for a change. Enough is enough. And this is how the WNBA makes an impact on the legacy of George Floyd.

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