We did it. We have finally made it! That is right, sports are back and better than ever. Well not actually better than ever, but you get the point. Sure golf and soccer have been back, but do they really count? We have the NBA Bubble, 60 game MLB Season, and some Round Robin in the NHL. I have not idea what to expect and that is 1000% okay with me. Sure these seasons will have *asterisks* next to them, but that doesn’t mean us as fans are not allowed to enjoy them. It has been about five months that most of us would love to forget. Covid is still in play, but if these athletes behave (along with the rest of the population), sports should be booming with football right around corner. That is not counting the pansies that run college football… They need to FIGURE IT OUT.

The NBA Bubble

Adam Silver has gone from the tall guy that worked under David Stern (RIP in Peace) to the next best option for President the United States. Silver placed the rest of the NBA season in Orlando, Florida. Let us not forget that Florida is getting absolutley shit on by Covid right now, but Silver says Orlando and somehow it was genius move.

The Bubble has been very much on cue with the “This League” movement of the NBA. You have players like Rondo trashing the hotels they are staying in (which are very nice may I add.) J.R. Smith is clearly not a fan of microwaveable mac & cheese, and Myles Leonard can consume alcohol rather quickly. All three of those are just small samples of what the Bubble has already become on an entertainment level. Better yet, we still have basketball to play.

Who ends up winning the NBA Finals this year? You obviously have your favorites on the West (Clippers & Lakers) with the Bucks being the heavy favorites in the East. As much as I would like my Sixers to win it all, it would not be treated as a normal ring and they just simply are not good enough to win it all IMO. That being said, there is only one team that is destined to win it all this year.

LeBron James and the Lakers.

Have LeBron and AD Now Formed the Most Formidable Duo in the NBA?
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What better way to compare MJ and LeBron than to have an asterisks finals added in LeBron’s resume. It only makes sense! Don’t get me wrong, there is a very good chance the Lakers would have won the whole darn thing back before Covid decided to be a real asshole, but that does not change the fact that the NBA Bubble is being treated like a summer league. Put in your future bets because it’s a lock. LeBron will get another ring and boy will there be so much controversy that comes along with it.

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MLB 60 Game Season

For all the people that say baseball is boring and hard to watch… good luck! If you thought baseball was boring to watch with fans, it’s only going to be worse without them. The dead silence, regardless of the “fake noise” they put in will be unbearable. You might as well just put on some music in the background so you have SOME sound to keep you awake. That being said, baseball is STILL a sport, and for pete’s sake it is back. I personally am a huge baseball fan, but understand how some may be bored when watching. Let us not forget the season is shortened 60 games and now has as DH in both the AL and NL. No more bitch ass bunts by the pitcher to get the runner over, or games where a team gives up because the still have another hundred to play. This is the closest thing to must win baseball other than the playoffs that we will ever get. So sit back, crack a cold one, and enjoy.

Mookie Betts Deflects When Asked If He Would've Signed Same Deal ...
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NHL Round Robin

Please excuse my french but, I do not know shit fuck about fuck shit (S/O Ruth from Ozark) when it comes to this NHL Round Robin/Playoffs. I do know that hockey is very much a sport and sports are heckin back! Playoff hockey is one of the most must watch sports you can possibly find. Absolute savages on the ice skating like it’s the last time they ever will. I am hoping my Flyers can stay as hot as they were before Covid hit, but as a Flyers fan… I know that probably will not happen. Either way, All of these games matter and I cannot wait to see these guys go out there and poor all their blood and sweat into this Round Robin/Playoffs. If anyone has any gambling tips on what to bet for this… LET ME KNOW. Oh yeah, the NHL has a new team called the “Seattle Kraken.” That is my Hockey fun fact of the day. For all other hockey news/talk, check out my guys K.J. & ZachMac on twitter and their podcast @PuckPuckPass.

Winners and losers of the NHL 24-team playoff format
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If you read all of that and still do not understand how important today is, then I don’t know what to tell you. Sports are back and that is what matters. It should not be distraction to very important topics going on in the world such as equality and this election, but at the same time it will be nice to get away from the real world here and there. I cannot wait to lose all the money that I already do not have on very simple bets such as over/under and taking the underdog because why not. May everyone enjoy this and never take sports for granted every again.

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