It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true. We can put together a baseball season preview and the immortal words can be spoken loudly: PLAY BALL!!! We have come through a dark time where both sides seemed hell-bent on squandering any opportunity to put their product on the field. It didn’t matter that fans were thirsting for sports of any kind. The owners and players fought like two little kids over a toy fire truck until their parents threatened to take it away. But, just when dad was reaching for the toy and put it in the closet forever, the kids came to their senses and today we can speak the words. Say it with me: PLAY BALL!!!

National League Preview

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Projected Standings

N.L. West
1. Dodgers 2. Diamondbacks 3. Padres 4. Rockies 5. Giants

N.L. Central
1. Reds 2. Brewers 3. Cardinals 4. Cubs 5. Pirates

N.L. East
1. Braves 2. Nationals 3. Phillies 4. Mets 5. Marlins

Three teams to watch: Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Mets

Wild Card Winner: Nationals over Phillies

NLDS Winners: Dodgers over Nationals, Braves over Reds

National League Champion: Los Angeles Dodgers

AL Preview

MLB power rankings: American League teams dominated the 2018 season

Projected Standings

A.L. West

1. Astros 2. A’s 3. Angels 4. Rangers 5. Mariners

A.L. Central

1. Twins 2. Indians 3. White Sox 4. Royals 5. Tigers

A.L. East

1. Yankees 2. Rays 3. Red Sox 4. Blue Jays 5. Orioles

Three teams to watch: Angels, Rangers, White Sox

Wild Card Winners: Rays over Athletics

ALDS Predictions: Yankees over Athletics, Twins over Astros

American League Champions: New York Yankees

World Series Preview

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In a season that is sure to bring surprises, twists, and turns aplenty, in the end, this baseball season preview sees the blue bloods taking center stage in October. The Dodgers and Yankees have the pitching and hitting to make it through to the promised land. Los Angeles brushes aside the disappointments of the past few years, forgets the 2017 and 2018 scandals and march to their first championship since 1988.

That’s right, when the sun rises today, there shall be smiles all around. And these words need to be said one more time: PLAY BALL!

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