In a turn of events, likely due to COVID-19, LeBron James begs Patrick Mahomes for money after QB signs NFL record contract.

I hate to be the guy that is writing another “rich athlete loses it all” story. However, we can’t ignore the unexpected cries from NBA superstar LeBron James via his Instagram page.

In what can only be described as a truly unexpected twist of fate, King James wrote a congratulatory post to Patrick Mahomes after news surfaced that Super Bowl champion, reigning Super Bowl MVP, and other-worldly quarterback signed an NFL record contract that could pay him as much as $503 million over the next 10 years.

Unfortunate and truly tragic are the only ways to describe what happened next.

LeBron used his social media platform to practically beg Mahomes for a hand out.

Are we going to ignore LeBron’s cry for help and allow another athlete to lose it all? Where is your heart?

Those emojis can’t hide the sadness LeBron must have felt as he humbled himself in crafting this cry for help.

I’m not here to speculate as to what has happened to LeBron’s fortune. Yes, he has been listed as one of the highest-earning athletes according to Forbes magazine in 2020. Yes, he does have a net worth estimated at nearly half a billion dollars.

But 2020 has been hard on everybody, y’all!!!

My only hope is that these financial concerns do not rear their ugly head as the L.A. Lakers prepare for the conclusion to the condensed NBA season in the Orlando bubble.

Maybe this distraction, and, quite frankly, pay check, could not have come at a better time for The King.

How will this impact the GOAT debate in basketball? Will we look at the financial success of Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson and hold this against LeBron James in these discussions?

Keep the debate to on-the-court performances!

Not everybody can be a Junior Bridgeman!

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