Guess whose back? You’d be correct if you said the Belly Up racing team with some very underwhelming picks for today’s race in the lone-star state. We’ve had two points-paying races since the last article, and a million-dollar victor just this past Wednesday at Bristol. However, we aren’t here to talk about that we are here to talk about Texas, and some cup series picks for Texas Motor Speedway.

Driver #1William ByronIAric AlmirolaBrad KeselowskiBubba Wallace
#2Matt DiBenedettoGuessDenny HamlinMatt DiBenedettoKyle Busch
#3Aric AlmirolaHe’sJoey LoganoKurt Busch Jimmie Johnson
#4Clint BowyerTooMatt DiBenedettoKyle BuschAustin Dillon
#5Matt KensethGood Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.William Byron
GarageRyan BlaneyFor Clint BowyerWilliam ByronAric Almirola
Stage 1Ryan BlaneyUs Denny HamlinKyle BuschKyle Busch
Stage 2Kyle Busch AllJoey LoganoBrad KeselowskiWilliam Byron
Race WinnerKevin Harvick Now?Denny HamlinAric AlmirolaKyle Busch

As you can see we all are kind of on the same train for Texas Motor Speedway. You’ve got two going with Stewart Haas Fords, and two going with JGR Toyota’s. Of course, once again Brandon and Rattlesnake didn’t submit picks for us to share with all of you fine people. I think Mike has the most ambitious lineup, with Bubba Wallace who has been a lot more consistent as of late in the top 15. Then to add Jimmie Johnson who almost won last weekend if it wouldn’t have been for an ill-timed mistake by Brad Keselowski. He has a chance to gain either a whole heck of a lot of points or fail miserably.

The rest of us played it extremely conservative in a sense. Blaine and Trey’s addition of Stenhouse to their lineup shows me that they want to play with a loaded gun but just aren’t too sure like Mike is just yet. As for me though I don’t have the ability quite yet, I can not fall to fifth behind Mike I just can’t let it happen.

Texas Motor Speedway Talk

At this point, I even took a week an half off from writing one of these articles to give all of these lazy asses a chance. I am sorry to let you down again though loyal Belly Up Fans. I’ve got two guys at the top of the league standings who I guess are either too busy or just too good to talk and share with the rest of the group picks for the last race, and now Texas Motor Speedway. Heck who knows if they’re even making picks anymore maybe they’ve just quit paying attention to allow us to make a run. Hopefully, that’s not the case though because we are sad excuses for third and forth if that’s the case.

It’s not really any fun to trash talk for 3rd of 4th place which seems to be a little more locked down by Trey and myself. However, Mike, the once again supposed Belly Up Racing KING could still make a run at me for fourth. With the way, my season has gone nothing would surprise me anymore quite honestly. At the end of this NASCAR season, I really am going to re-evaluate the way I played fantasy this year.

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