I haven’t been this amped for a preview since the Avenger’s Endgame. Even though this is a video meant to get me excited for the upcoming season, I was still watching like it was a trailer for the next Avenger’s movie. I was looking for hidden clues in everything Flores said with every touchdown scored. Maybe there isn’t anything being foreshadowed when Gesicki scored. But, maybe there was. Either way, what a tremendously well put together Dolphin’s hype video that has me feeling all the feels.

This Dolphin’s hype video was jam-packed. It has all the talking heads speaking about how Miami was building a culture and that they could do anything they wanted when it came to free agency and the draft (they did). This tape had Christian Wilkins touchdown catch and showed off several of the free agents that the Dolphins signed.

Someone was Missing

However, there was one individual who was, inexplicably, not shown in any capacity from the hype video. This guy they drafted with the fifth overall pick in this year’s draft. I would have thought it would have been fitting to end the video with this picture, but maybe the Dolphins are trying to fool everyone into thinking that they don’t have this guy.

Dolphins draft Tua Tagovailoa to be QB of the future

No matter. The Dolphins are on a mission to show that everyone that this season if there is a season, will be one where they let the league know that it’s their time. That, they will be a force for many years to come. Man, I can’t wait for the two preseason games that Miami will get to play. It’s gonna be awesome.

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