If anyone has been following the site for a while now, you know how hyped I was for Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019. You mean we can make our own team and play with NFL or CFB (or CFL if you’re into that) rules?! Sign me up. While I enjoyed the game, I felt it lost its luster quickly. While I could pour hours into NCAA or even Madden, I just couldn’t do that with last year’s edition. However, Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 has made some improvements, and I’m excited for this game once again.

The Issues Last Year

Last year, I was so excited for the game. Custom logos and a college dynasty mode sounded great. While I found the logo designer a bit clunky, others got it to work well and even created some nice logos (like the UGF Pandas.) I also felt the gameplay was a bit… disappointing. I can handle poor graphics if the game plays well.

Unfortunately, at points, this was not the case. When looking at play art on the defensive side of the ball, you sort of had to guess what your man was supposed to be doing at times. Am I blitzing, or playing man? This wouldn’t be an issue, unless you call an audible. At the same time, some parts of the game were very easy, while with other parts player animations made it more difficult than it needed to be. But, that’s enough about last year. What’s new to Maximum Football?

Gameplay Improvements

DB Coverage

Doug Flutie's Maximum Football improved DB coverage

Last year, it seemed defenders didn’t react well to deep balls. It would either be a completion, overthrow, or just dink off someone’s helmet at points. While it is only an image, this shows that they wanted to fix this. Hill is looking for the ball, ready to catch it. As he should in a football game. #51, however, is what has me excited. His eyes are on the ball, he has a hand up, ready to make a play. Last year, he’d just wander aimlessly into position and let his head make a play. This will lead to more tipped passes, and generally more exciting gameplay.

However, it’s not just DB coverage that looks improved.

Player Movement

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019, it felt that game play overall was a bit… off. Player movements felt weird, and, while hard to tell from a graphic, this looks more fluid. I am assuming 39 in white forced a fumble on 11 in black, and the running back is diving on it.

This gives me hope for what this game can be. By improving player motion, open field running, tackling, and line interactions, it will be much better, leading to a more exciting (and essentially, better) gameplay.

But did they add anything?

Yes, I am going on and on about these small gameplay tweaks (which no doubt took a lot of work). One of the biggest complaints about another football game is it’s essentially the same game every year. While a company as small as Canuck Play cannot completely overhaul the game, these improvements will be very welcomed, and are better than keeping the same game but adding a 6v6 “arcade” mode. But don’t worry, they added some things.

Dynasty 2.0

The devs of Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football know what the people want. Dynasty mode. While interesting last year, they made some improvements that will really help take it to the next level. By adding suspensions, transfers, and players declaring early, your plans could go out the window. This will make you think, “He’s not as good, but this freshman recruit will be a beast. Should I give him playing time at risk of my starter transferring or declaring?”

They’ve also worked on adding “enhanced accuracy” in recruit generations, including height and weight, as well as improving the look of the depth chart screen.

Play Designer

Doug Flutie's Maximum Football play Designer

Are you a football savant, and frustrated other games haven’t allowed you to show that off? Do you wish you could design plays to torch defenses and terrorize quarterbacks? Well, Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football has you covered.

This is the part of this game I am most excited for. I have heard my friends complain constantly about how they wished you could create your own plays like in old football games. Really like a play but wish it was play action? Re-create it as play action. Really want to get some pressure on the QB but want to make sure he doesn’t slip out of it? Design a zero blitz with a spy. The possibilities are endless, and I can see myself designing countless plays before I even get under center.

Is Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football Worth a Buy?

If some games made all these changes in one year, they’d try to charge you $60, maybe even more. Not the people at Canuck Play and Spear Interactive though! They are for the people, and will be charging $29.99USD for all this. “But Kevin, I already pre-ordered my Xbox Series X, I won’t be able to experience any of this!” Don’t you worry, they are expecting it to be backwards compatible.

I cannot tell you how to spend your money, but just know I will be getting this game whenever I can. I say whenever I can, because they are on a rolling release (although according to their Twitter, it is available on the Xbox store now.)

Quick note unrelated to the game: the original title of this blog was “Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2: Electric Boogaloo.” I just wanted you to know that.

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