With the 10th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select Eric Ebron-The Bum, TE from North Carolina! For some it was a head shaker, for others it was just another weapon to add to Stafford’s arsenal that already included Calvin “Megatron” Johnson! To finally move the needle in Detroit and get them over the “hump” or out of the “rut” they have been in since the Barry days.

Now let me start off by saying Eric Ebron-The Bum is extremely talented! He is in the NFL by all means and ran a 4.6 forty yard dash weighing 250 lbs. I’m not disputing that one bit. Nope! But what I am disputing is based off his twitter game he carries him self as a Hall of Famer who has came into the league and set it on fire! Putting him self in the top tier of Tight Ends and producing Pro Bowl after Pro Bowl, but that’s not the case. So lets go back and remind him of his lack luster career to this point:

Eric Ebron-The Bum

Dating all the way back to his college days Ebron has never eclipsed 1000 yards on the season. Outside of his 2018 season with the Colts (13 TD’s) that landed him a Pro Bowl, he has been less than impressive for a first round pick! Now on his third team going into his 7th season, Ebron states, “I feel like I should have been here all along.” Well that’s great and best of luck to you but don’t forget when you came from!

For an organization that gave him a start to his career and the fans that supported him, Ebron really doesn’t have much good to say. This is just one of the many twitter exchanges he has had with fans and personalities in Detroit since he has left. It’s like he turned his back on them the minute he walked out of Allen Park… well that’s not true. He did it on the field too:

Now I would love to go into the numbers on how many drops he has accumulated over the years but I just don’t have enough time to scroll through the pages of let downs he has created! Again, maybe over hyped by the draft position but not sure how an organization or Quarterback could be to blame for a potential “draft bust” label. I really do hope the Steelers treat you right and you truly are happy in that organization.

Year after year it has produced a winning culture and if anything time will tell what kind-of player you truly are, given that you are in the best position to succeed…. even though as a Lion you were the starter, as a Colt you were a starter and with the Steelers you will be Vance’s back up!

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