In the world of professional wrestling, few names are as famous as Brock Lesnar. The heavyweight fighter has arguable been the World Wrestling Entertainment’s most marketable star throughout his career with the company. However, according to reports, the 43-year-old is back on the market, having been made a free agent. This comes after The Beast failed to agree on a new agreement with the WWE. 

Although there are currently conflicting stories regarding Lesnar’s situation in professional wrestling, it does pose the question as to what could be next for the 43-year-old in the next chapter of his combat-related career. While much of the WWE Universe will be hoping that he stays, The Beast certainly won’t be short of options. So, let’s take a look at what could be next for Lesnar. 

Does the WWE Still Need Lesnar? 

Perhaps most obviously, the eight-time WWE world champion could decide to stay with the organization, should the two parties be able to agree on a new contract. If Lesnar decides to finally walk away from the WWE, then it will an off-and-off 18-year run with the company, having made his debut back in March 2002. Although The Beast is currently a free agent, it’s been reported by Wrestling Inc that the WWE are continuing to plan – at least in the short-term – with Lesnar in their plans. Speculation suggests that he’ll face Drew McIntyre in a highly-anticipated rematch at WrestleMania 37.

Crucially, both the WWE and the 43-year-old have to consider whether the professional wrestling scene is starting to move on from him. While much of the company’s present-day success is down to having world-renowned stars like Lesnar at their disposal, The Beast will no longer be able to guarantee the organization longevity. 

Furthermore, from a fan perspective, Bleacher Report suggests that Lesnar’s character is no longer as appealing as it once was. While the article mainly puts this down to predictable story writing that often sees the eight-time world champion win his feuds, it poses a question as to whether Lesnar would want to see his unbeatable persona altered in the latter stages of his career. Furthermore, the 43-year-old’s constant championship bouts have hurt ratings, suggesting that a change for both parties may be the best course of action.  

A Return to the UFC? 

The six-foot-three competitor, however, is no stranger in walking away from the WWE to pursue different aspirations. Between 2007 and 2011, Lesnar took four years out from professional wrestling to try his hand at mixed martial arts with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. For someone with an impressive college wrestling background, the decision made a lot of sense and enabled Lesnar to further his audience base.  

In hindsight, the South Dakota-born competitor was right to step away from the WWE. Despite losing his first fight with the organization to Frank Mir, Lesnar would later avenge that loss, before going on a three-fight win streak, which saw him claim, and twice defend, the UFC heavyweight title, as per his profile at the official UFC website. Although his more recent bouts ended in defeat, the door has always been open for The Beast to return. 

In many ways, this could be the perfect time for Lesnar to return to the UFC, given the company’s new-found global popularity. Moreover, having the 43-year-old back in the heavyweight division would be open the door to a whole host of intriguing contests, including against the likes of Francis Ngannou, Jon Jones, and Stipe Miocic.  

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Needing to Weigh Up his Options 

Given his status as a global superstar, Lesnar will have no shortage of opportunities available to him, having become a free agent. In many ways, the 43-year-old is somewhat at a crossroads in his career. Although The Beast doesn’t lack the physical capabilities to compete at the top level, he may like the idea of walking away from his title-winning career while on top, having already become an eight-time WWE world champion and UFC heavyweight titleholder.

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