Off-season is in full swing for the MLB. You know what that means? Yes, another Francisco Lindor trade rumor to the Reds. It feels like the Indians have been trying to get rid of their four-time All-Star for an eternity. Whenever news gets out that Lindor is on the market Reds fans think of the dream scenario of acquiring the talented 27-year old. Now, he would fill a shortstop need that the Reds have been dealing with for years in the past. The idea for trading for Lindor just needs to end because the Indians are just simply asking too much.

Four trade possibilities for Francisco Lindor – The Athletic
Francisco Lindor is among several trade rumors yet again this off-season

Why Reds Will Not Get Francisco Lindor

There does not seem to be a clear-cut trade scenario that the Reds could do to get Lindor. Now, if a deal is made where they aren’t giving up a chunk of their farm system, several starters, and some draft picks, then yes, lets go for it. Matt Kelly a writer for the MLB gave a possible trade scenario, but I still feel it is too much. In his scenario the Reds would give up Shortstop Jose Garcia, outfielder Nick Senzel, outfielder Austin Hendricks, and catcher Tyler Stephenson.

Now that offer just seems so crazy in my opinion because the Reds will be giving 5 players for just Lindor. Let alone next year is Lindor’s final year on his contract. He will be seeking a major contract extension around the same amount of money that Mookie Betts’ contract is worth. Reds fans just have to come to terms that we are a small market team and will not be even close to afford Lindor’s contract extension. In reality we would be giving up those 5 players for 1-year of Lindor’s services. That is just not worth it.

The Indians are just wanting so much for Lindor. I do not believe that management will feel comfortable going deep into their farm system for a 1-year rental basically. Management knows shortstop issues need to be filled. They will be filled this off-season I believe, but I do not believe it will be filled with Lindor.

How It Could Work

Now, as unlikely as it seems, there is still a chance. Indians have been constantly needing talent in the outfield. Senzel will help fill that void a little bit. Hendricks will help the outfield void for the long-term, as he is just 19-years old and was the Reds first round draft pick in 2020. Hendricks was also tabbed by the MLB pipeline for having the best “raw” left handed power among the entire draft class of 2020.

The Reds did spend big last offseason right before the Coronavirus happened paying in total $170 million. It did not pan out entirely how they hoped, but the Reds still made the playoffs and showed that they have potential if they just fill the offensive void. With the main heavy hitters coming back like Castellanos, Moustakas, and Suarez, along with a wide open NL Central, the Reds could win their first playoff series since 1995 if the lineup contains Lindor. Trust me, management realizes that and will try their hardest to get Lindor to Cincinnati. It is a stretch, but still a slim chance.

The risk is high on giving up all this young talent for Lindor. Hopefully for all Reds fans the Indians will lower their asking price on Lindor to something the Reds feel more comfortable with, just so we can all see Francisco Lindor in a Reds uniform after years of rumors going around. In the meantime lets look at some of Lindor’s best moments through his career and dream just a little bit harder of him being a Red.

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