The greatest football songs of all-time:

Here Comes the Boom

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When you talk about great football songs, this one is always going to be there. If you are getting ready to eat your heart out and crush some alcohol, don’t listen to this because it will make you want to throw your buddy through the folding table Dudley Boyz style. Nelly is underrated and this great football song of his doesn’t get enough credit. I hear this and immediately think I am Ray Lewis.

We Ready

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Now it’s time for our real football players with this locker room anthem. You’ve known this song ever since you were a little boy. It gets you amped up on all levels. It gets you in that game-day mentality where you know as soon as that game ends, you’re going home and crushing dinner with every ounce of courage left in your soul. You probably lost by three scores because it made you so hungry. 

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

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You can’t possibly talk about great football songs without mentioning at least one song from Remember The Titans. As soon as the song starts it gets you fired up and ready to go. I mean literally one second into the song and you’re already invested in it. I could easily have made this entire list strictly from it’s first ballot soundtrack. You hear this and you think football, family dinner, cozy sweaters, and coach Boone running the Titans through the mud of Gettysburg. It makes me feel warm on the inside.

RedZone Theme

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It’s probably the last thing you hear before blacking out to seven hours of commercial free football. At this point you have your fantasy lineups set and all you can do is sit there and pray that you made the right choices.  This is your time. Now go out there and take it.  If NFL RedZone isn’t your thing, any NFL theme song will do. Its the presence of football that really matters.

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