If you know Skip Bayless, you know there’s basically two things that make up his sports existence. His passionate love for Tom Brady, and his absurd hatred for LeBron James.

It is no secret to anyone with brain that the Lakers have OBVIOUSLY had the best off-season among any NBA franchise. Unless you’re Skip Bayless. Who is adamant that the Lakers got worse, and the Clippers got better.

Skips point of view not only lacks all objectivity, but it also probably stems from LeBron refusing to give him an autograph or something years ago. Either way, I refuse to watch from the sidelines as Skip Bayless continues to spew this garbage. There are absolutely ZERO logical ways to justify making the statements he did.

The Lakers Off-Season

During this past NBA season the Lakers were scoring challenged outside of LeBron and Anthony Davis. Their bench was inconsistent, they had multiple starting lineups, and had to hang their hats on defense. Between LeBron getting older, Rondo becoming more injury prone, Kuzma being Kuzma, and Danny Green throwing up brick after brick, they needed to make upgrades if they hoped to run it back.

After winning the title the Lakers went on to sign or trade for Montrezl Harrell, the Sixth Man of the Year, Dennis Schröder, the runner up, Marc Gasol and Wesley Matthews. Not to mention they re-signed Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and will soon re-sign Anthony Davis.

In return, the Lakers parted ways with Avery Bradely, Rondo, Dwight Howard, JaVale McGee, and Danny Green. Of these five, only Rondo and Dwight truly contributed to the Lakers post-season run. Combined these five players averaged 37.8 points per game in the regular season. Schröder and Harrell alone averaged a combined 37.5 points per game. Pretend I was a four year old child, and attempt to explain to me how the Lakers could’ve possibly gotten worse.

The Clippers on the other hand not only lost Harrell, but they lost JaMychal Green, Landry Shamet, and are rumored to be shopping Lou Williams. Now they did trade for Luke Kennard and sign Serge Ibaka… but let’s not kid ourselves. Combine their epic failure in the 2020 playoffs, rumored friction amongst the team revolving around “WayOff P” and the loses both player and coach wise, this team is not better.

So why would Skip take this position? Because he can’t stand the thought of LeBron James winning a 5th ring. Let’s not forget that soon after Kawhi Leonard joined the Clippers, Skip Bayless went on national television claiming Kawhi “Won him back”. Honestly… it’s sad.

It’s sad that Skip Bayless continues to make excuses for others, but shames LeBron for the same. It’s sad that he despises LeBron SO MUCH that he’s adopted the Clippers as “his team” just to spite him. And it’s utterly ridiculous that he lives in a world where the Clippers should be favored to win the title when just a few months ago they lost to a player who was quoted in saying “I’m patient because I cannot really run fast”.

Now on a Personal Note…

I have a lot of love for Skip Bayless. Truly I do. I could listen to Skip talk about Black Lives Matter and racial inequality any day of the week because he demonstrates appropriate levels of objectivity, sensitivity and awareness. All the things he forgets when discussing LeBron James and whatever team he’s on.

It is with great pleasure that I award Mr. Bayless with the Belly Up Sports Dunce award. May you carry it with great pride, a pep in your step, and how bout them cowboys!?

Happy Thanksgiving Skip!

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