It would be a tough decision to make and would leave some people aggravated if the NFL MVP race ended today. The NFL’s MVP race is always one of the closest. There are so many options to choose from every year. Here are my NFL MVP rankings ahead of Week 11. It only takes one game to completely change these rankings so don’t expect this list to stay the same for very long.

Patrick Mahomes?

Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes an NFL great in the making - Sports Illustrated

Mahomes has a league-second 25 passing touchdowns with a league low of 1 interception. The most important job for the quarterback is to of course, throw the football and to not turn the ball over. His one interception came on a 4th and 7 when the Chiefs were down nine points with five minutes to play. He took a chance because he had no choice. If he can continue to keep the ball this safe going forward it will be as close an MVP race as ever. 

Kyler Murray?

Cardinals QB Murray says he'll kneel for anthem this season

If it weren’t for Mahomes being nearly perfect with the ball, Kyler Murray would be the favorite. Murray is doing things quarterbacks haven’t been doing before. He is the ultimate red zone threat and has shown that his arm is special. Currently he has 17 passing touchdowns and 10 rushing touchdowns. He is only five rushing touchdowns away from breaking the single season quarterback rushing touchdown record.

Dalvin Cook?

Dalvin Cook has been a model back, model teammate for Vikings | Star Tribune

Let Dalvin Cook is one of the best catchphrase nicknames I’ve ever heard, and he has earned it. He leads the league in rushing after 10 weeks and shows no sign of slowing down. No one expected him to be where he’s at right now but, no one’s that surprised either. He is a couple of big games away from having a serious shot at beating out these two quarterbacks. However, he better be careful because King Henry is right behind him and winter is coming.

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