A Guide to the COVID-19 College Football Bowl Season: Part Two

The Rose Bowl will not be played in Pasadena this year

Welcome back to your one-stop guide to the 2020 college football bowl season. We will discuss the best of the rest of the glorified exhibition season. We will also dig into college football’s main event. The four-team playoff is all of a sudden drawing major criticism after only seven years of existence. There are some additional cancellations as COVID issues caused many teams to opt-out of their bowl bids and teams with winning records are out, while teams with losing records are in. We’re just making things up as we go now to make sure the sponsors get their return investment. Here is the updated list of bowl cancellations this year.

In Memoriam (Updated)

The Guaranteed Rate Bowl has been cancelled this year. This game traditionally is a match-up between the BIG 10 and PAC 12. With multiple teams from each conference declining their bids to play, the could not guarantee a bowl game any longer.

We are starting to see the bowl season fall apart as more and more teams are opting out of their bowl bids. Citing safety reasons and COVID issues, teams are saying “thanks, but no thanks.” This is exposing college football’s postseason for what it really is, a money grab for the NCAA. I’m as guilty as anyone during this football over-saturation season. I would watch Appalachian State versus North Texas on a Mid-December Monday afternoon if it was on TV any year. However, with the latest trend of players opting out of bowl games that don’t matter and teams turning down their bowl bid, the future of college football bowl season is in jeopardy. So here are all of the fallen sponsors so far this bowl season.

  • Redbox Bowl: They still want you to know you can rent one and get one free tonight.
  • Hawai’i Bowl: That’s right, it’s canceled but Hawai’i football plays on.
  • Bahamas Bowl: The bowl no one really knew about.
  • San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl: Make sure to think of San Diego County this Holiday season.
  • Quick Lane Bowl: All your tire and auto needs will not be met.
  • Las Vegas Bowl: Perhaps a few more college athletes will stay off the naughty list this year.
  • Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl: They are really stretching out this marketing thing.
  • LA Bowl: A brand new game that broke the record for shortest bowl name.
  • New Era Pinstripe Bowl: The football game that’s played on a baseball field.
  • Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl: We can all still independently celebrate our independence.
  • Guaranteed Rate Bowl: Turns out this was no guarantee.
  • Military Bowl Presented by Perspecta: The annual triple-option game is postponed until next year.
  • TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl: I know you are all disappointed about this one.

The Best Bowl Name

The Duke’s Mayo Bowl will not disappoint. This game has 3-3 Wisconsin playing a 4-4 Wake Forest team. Okay, the football will absolutely be underwhelming with two .500 football teams knocking each other silly in the name of mayonnaise. The commercials will be a different story. I can only assume it was a heated battle for naming rights against Miracle Whip. Duke’s Mayo comes away with the huge upset to get this sought after condiment bowl game. I, for one, can’t wait to see how they pull off this ad campaign. Get your sandwiches ready for December 30th at Noon. How do you mayo?

The Best Serving Size

We have a ranked match-up between #21 Oklahoma State and #18 Miami on December 29th in the Cheez-It Bowl. I am reminding you that the serving size is a whopping 27 crackers. Cheez-It gives you comfort in knowing that you only had three servings during the first quarter and the box is considerably lighter than when you started. Be careful not to stare at these terrible defenses too long as you blindly shove your face full of those delicious cheese baked crackers.

The Best Football

Cincinnati’s quarterback Desmond Ritter led the Bearcats to a perfect season. It wasn’t enough to crack the top four in the CFP rankings which leads many to believe the system is yet again faulty.

The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl is probably the most interesting game in football terms, not including the playoff games. This game gives playoff snub #8 Cincinnati the chance to prove to all the doubters that they should be in the final four. They face-off against #9 Georgia in one of the New Year’s Six bowl games. They play on New Year’s Day at Noon, which is far too early for some of you. Here’s what you do. Roll out of bed and immediately chug the Pedialyte that you prepared the night before. Get yourself to the nearest Chick-fil-A and get one of those delicious juicy chicken sandwiches that they pump out of there every day, except Sunday. Sit on the couch and don’t move for three hours and watch the Bearcats try and pull off the upset.

College Football Playoffs

This year is as controversial as it’s been since the BCS days. Remember when only two teams had the chance? The cry for an eight-team playoff is as loud as it’s ever been. It’s clearer than ever that the CFP committee is sticking with their money makers just as long as the justification is reasonable. Who doesn’t want to see Coastal Carolina get completely waxed by Alabama in the first round? We won’t get that wish for at least a couple of years as they contemplate the future of the playoffs.

For now, you can enjoy another Notre Dame let down in the Rose Bowl that will not be played at the actual Rose Bowl. Instead it will be played in Texas. That only makes sense in 2020. You’ll also get a rematch of the classic OSU/Clemson game from just one year ago. As long as you are up and conscious by 4 pm this New Year’s Day, you won’t miss a thing. Although, I have a feeling that New Year’s Eve 2020 might hit extra hard for most of you. Cheers!

Be sure to check out Part One of college football bowl season for the first week of games. Also follow Belly Up Sports for great coverage on all things sports. Check out @jaybrink4 for more on football and golf.
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