Ok ok. I think it’s time to focus on the regular season. Once again I say REGULAR season. Not post season. People can put the Clippers in the playoffs, but it you need to see how they preform in the regular season before you can say what they will do in the post season. Last season for example. It was obvious because half the team didn’t want to go to the bubble and Kawhi Leonard didn’t practice much so it was expected. The collapse was a shock because no one expected them to be that bad. It’s a new season in less than two weeks so let’s give the Clippers REGULAR season expectations.

A Fun Guy and His Friend

Hey Hey Hey it’s Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. They were the main causes in the Clippers’ playoffs exit last season and with the recent reports (that you can read here.) Of the recent treatment that they received from the organization. I look for Kawhi and Paul George to bounce back. Yes, I said Paul George because he DOES PLAY WELL in the REGULAR season… remember this is article is about the regular season. They will be tested early. First two games in fact against the NBA champs and the Western Conference runner-up.

From there the rest of the season is actually in the Clippers’ favor. On paper, the Clippers are one of the best teams in basketball. They are extremely talented. There should be no reason why they cannot be a top-two team in the west. So I guess to maintain the same success they had last year. The west has gotten better including the champs. Ty Lue will have his hand full.

The best players Clippers players need to be big this season.
The best two players on the Clippers need to be big this season.

The Most Important Part Of The Team

So I’m going off of last years starting line up of fun guy, Patrick Beverley, Paul George, Marcus Morris, and Zubac. Now I have never heard of the 6th man player of the year and how he is arguably the most clutch player on their team. Lou Williams is a walking bucket. The dude had 2 girlfriends at one time. A walking bucket indeed. There should be a debate between who they should rename the award him or Jamal Crawford. Anyways, Lou Williams is hard to stop and is expected to bounce back this season back to his 20 points per game form.

A walking bucket that is the most clutch players on the Clippers.

What Will Ty Lue Do?

The Clippers moved on from Doc Rivers and they hired Ty Lue, (just a quick shout out to Jade Johnson who doesn’t believe in a true all-time GOAT and the Hardcourt Hunnies Podcasts is great stuff.) Sorry but this is a prime example of LeBron’s greatness. Back to Ty Lue. He is 1-18 when he is coaching games without LeBron on his team. The only game he won was against a .500 Mavericks team led by a 37-year-old Dirk.

Point is he will have to show this year that he can actually coached and fix the Clippers. I wish Ty Lue all the best this season. He’s been around for a long time. He is qualified for the job. The Clippers are a solid basketball team that will make the playoffs without much difficulty. The main goal for the Clippers is to show throughout the regular season that they are a title contender. They need to make it through the season without any big controversy and most importantly they need to focus on themselves and NOT ON THE LAKERS.

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