Young Anthony Alfredo is in talks with Front Row Motorsports for a drive in 2021. It represents a considerable step up for the 21-year-old Connecticut native. 2020 saw Alfredo race in the Xfinity Series for Richard Childress Racing. Alfredo performed admirably in a car that wasn’t a class-leading vehicle. He took part in 19 races and finished in the top ten on nine different occasions. His performances at Talladega, Kentucky and Bristol underlined the potential of Alfredo. Those tracks are some of the tougher speedways to race on in the NASCAR series. The fact that he performed so strongly bodes well if he gets the chance from Front Row Motorsports.

Alfredo’s speed is clear to see. His displays in the Xfinity Series underlined that. If he gets the chance to step up to the Cup Series, Alfredo must develop consistency in his racing. Team owners know points mean prizes, which is a critical element of the racing business. For a team such as Front Row, points create prize money revenue as well as sponsorship opportunities. Alfredo owns the speed. However, it is not enough. Staying consistent is essential when you race in the big categories. That is regardless of whether it is F1, Le Mans or NASCAR. Cup Series’ races are long, testing drivers’ mental endurance. Getting to the checkered flag is vital.

He Has a Fair Chance.

If Front Row confirms Alfredo, it is the right landing spot for the youngster. Yes, Front Row is not Team Penske or Hendrick Motorsports. They are not a powerhouse team. However, they own a technical partnership with Roush Fenway, plus Bob Jenkins is not a fool. They are a competent, hard-working race team who punch above their weight. 2020 saw the car be competitive in the midfield, while they also did well to scoop up points whenever they had a chance. The opportunity will be there for Alfredo to display his talent.

From the midfield, a young driver can shine. Driving a competitive car allows the driver a chance to mix it with the veterans of the field. It is a prime landing spot to display door to door racing skills against some of the big names in NASCAR. Alfredo is a charismatic young man; youthful exuberance may take him far in the early phase of the season.


Alfredo is a huge iRacing player. He’s participated in some iRacing stuff with Belly Up. A brief look on his YouTube channel shows he is a big player of the simulator. iRacing is arguably the worlds finest racing simulator that is available to the general public. It is incredibly realistic in a year where a global pandemic limited test time for many drivers; iRacing is a fantastic replacement. Alfredo’s constant playing of the game whenever possible places him in an excellent position to learn quicker than others when he jumps into a Cup Series car.

It also gives him better knowledge of some of the racetracks he didn’t race on in the Xfinity Series. For example, he can learn COTA due to iRacing before NASCAR turns up to Austin. The other bonus to being a big sim racer is the opportunities it creates for sponsorship. It is tough times economically for everyone. The world of eSports is booming, particularly in a year with lockdowns. NASCAR, as well as Front Row, can build sponsorship opportunities with Alfredo in the eSports world.

In summary, Anthony Alfredo would be a fantastic addition to Front Row Motorsports. The team needs a young, hungry driver to push it further up the field. Alfredo is the right man to do that both on and off the track.

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