Are the Seattle Seahawks dead at this point? It’s starting to look that way. While still playoff contenders, this year the Seahawks sit at 8-4 and second in the NFC West (best division in football) with losses coming from teams still in playoff contention such as the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, and the god damn New York football Giants. 

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Week 14

The future schedule for the Seahawks looks promising, as they play at home again in week 14 versus the (0-12) New York Jets. I typically wouldn’t be worried about the Jets any given year, but seeing as how Seattle got dog walked by Colt McCoy and the Giants, the team that’s supposedly #tankingfortrevor has got me a little concerned. The Jets have seemingly cornered the market on Clemson product and long-haired wonder boy Trevor Lawrence, with the Jacksonville Jaguars trailing only one game behind at (1-11).

I don’t see any reason they would even attempt to lose their number one overall pick by trying to shove everything with a 12 on it down Seattle’s throat. But it’s Adam Gase, so who knows. Gase may even hand the Seahawks the game and they’ll most likely find a way to hand it right back, probably on the goal line… Thanks a lot Malcolm Butler. 

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Week 15

Seattle hits the road again for an away game at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland for a matchup versus the Washington Football Team. Headed by comeback player of the year candidate Alex Smith, the Washington Football Team took down the previously undefeated Yinzers. That’s the Steelers for you not familiar with the rust belt.

I wasn’t worried about this game until they landed the win in Pittsburg. Now there’s no way Russell Wilson pulls this one out. He couldn’t even get past the likes of Patrick Graham, who’s allowing on average 310.9 YPG and 21.2 PPG. Then again Ken Norton Jr. is allowing, on average, 407.4 YPG and 26.8 PPG, so they’re double screwed. I will give it to the Seattle defense in the last four games. They have brought the average points per game down to 19.5, so let’s hope they can keep that up and keep creating turnovers so Russ can cook because we’re all hungry as hell.  


Just glancing at the upcoming schedule for the Seahawks, it should be a pretty easy transition into the playoffs. But, given the nature of the defense this year with Ken Norton Jr. at the wheel (Jesus please take it), it’s not looking promising. If Wilson keeps getting frustrated so easily and making bad decisions with the ball, his team will follow suit. And, in turn, start making bad decisions themselves. Except for D.K. Metcalf, that man can do no wrong. I have high hopes for the rest of the season for my boys up in the Emerald City. But, at this point in time, in my not so professional opinion, the Seattle Seahawks are DEAD! 

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