This week, the NFL is playing two games on Saturday night. As a football fan, this is a dilemma. Should I be watching College Football or the NFL? The two NFL games are Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills traveling to Denver to play the Broncos, followed by the Packers hosting the Carolina Panthers. While the Pac-12 Championship is Friday night and the Big 12 and Big Ten Championships are at noon, the SEC and ACC Championships are going to conflict with the NFL games. There are many fans that only care for College Football or the NFL, so their decision is made up. While I will try to flip back and forth between the games, there are many fans that want to pick one and stick to it. Here’s a breakdown of the Saturday slate of games and what games should be more entertaining.

All times are EST.

12:00 PM: Ohio State Versus Northwestern and Oklahoma Versus Iowa State

Both games have their intrigue for different reasons. Iowa State and Oklahoma both have two losses and are essentially eliminated from the College Football Playoff. While Oklahoma hasn’t lost the conference championship game yet, Iowa State should give them a great game and possibly pull off the upset.

Ohio State is heavily favored and is expected to blow out Northwestern on their way to the College Football Playoff. The game might not be as close, but Ohio State winning, or losing somehow, has greater implications on the College Football Playoff.

Verdict: Ohio State versus Northwestern

4:00 PM: Clemson Versus Notre Dame and Denver Broncos Versus Buffalo Bills

Clemson and Notre Dame are poised to give us the game of the week. Clemson is looking to avenge their loss to Notre Dame with Trevor Lawrence starting at quarterback this time around. Notre Dame has looked playoff-caliber this entire season, but a blowout loss can change the discussion.

The Broncos have been playing a lost season and will play a red hot Bills team this week. Josh Allen looks like the hardest quarterback to prepare for and the Broncos look to prepare for 2021. Considering this might be a blowout, the choice was easy.

Verdict: Clemson versus Notre Dame

8:00 PM: Alabama Versus Florida and Green Bay Packers Versus Carolina Panthers

Both these games have blowout potential. Admittedly, Florida would be regarded as better if not for last week’s loss to LSU in “the shoe game”. Alabama most likely doesn’t need to win to make the playoff but a blowout win would secure the top seed in the College Football Playoff.

Meanwhile, the Panthers look intriguing but feel like a year away. The Packers are in the driver’s seat for the one seed in the NFC. Between these two games, you honestly have to play it by ear (or eye). Meaning, one of these games is going to be exciting and worth watching. It’s hard to predict which one will be close, but anticipate one of them to be. I would expect the Packers to play a close game to a Panthers team that is unpredictable.

Aaron Rodgers is playing like an MVP this year. However, the Green Bay Packers have played down to a multitude of their opponents this season. Can they do the same against an unpredictable Panthers team?
Verdict: Flip back-and-forth until one is a blowout.

Many might find this game watching conflict frustrating but I find it exciting. We are entering the football equinox.

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