Merry Christmas, Dub Nation! Not an ideal start to the season at all. Luckily for your Golden State Warriors, the season has 71 more games and we don’t have to play Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets every night. While this game got ugly fast, it was great to be interacting on Twitter with everyone watching the Dubs make the return to the court. Twitter is a great tool to keep up with all things Warriors related for the entire season.

In this article, I will key in on some of the most important Twitter accounts to follow for the 2020-21 season. Twitter is such an amazing way to interact with other Warriors related accounts, fans, and reporters. Whether it be breaking news, in-game interaction, or giveaways, there are so many great pages out there to make your enjoyment of Warriors basketball even better. Let’s discuss the best pages to follow along with for all things related to your Golden State Warriors.

The Main Page

Golden State Warriors: @warriors

This one is a no-brainer. If you are a Warriors fan on Twitter and don’t follow the main Warriors page, what are you doing? This account provides everything you can ask for from pregame footage to in-game tweeting, to post-game reactions.

In addition, the account also highlights everything Warriors-related from the Twitter accounts of players and coaches. This allows the followers of this account much easier access when keeping tabs on their favorite Warriors.

Even in blowout performances like we saw on opening night, this account battles through and keeps updating the timeline.

The Journalists

Anthony Slater: @anthonyVslater

Slater serves as the top Warriors beat writer for The Athletic. While The Athletic has a lot of great Bay Area-based writers, Slater’s work, in particular, stands out to me. Between great in-game analysis, his podcast Warriors Plus/Minus, and endorsement of other staff members, Slater is a must follow.

Along with all of those things, it is always nice to get the quotes from the Warriors themselves. Slater does a great job of getting quotes from all personnel and tweeting it out. For more quotes from the always honest Steve Kerr, Slater is the guy to follow along with this season.

Connor Letourneau: @Con_Chron

For the San Francisco Chronicle, Letourneau also does an excellent job covering all things Warriors related. As shown opening night, Letourneau gets content out immediately following the conclusion of Warriors games. Doing this when the game is fresh in the minds of everyone makes his work very appealing. There is no better way to confirm everything you just watched than reading his work. Especially when he can confirm that the ugly showing against the Nets was not just a bad dream.

Kerith Burke: @KerithBurke

Serving as a reporter for NBC Sports Bay Area, Burke has become a favorite for many who follow along with the regional coverage. She does a great job focusing on content for fans and providing what will appeal to them.

As a way to interact, Burke has a very popular “Ask Kerith” mailbag for all fans’ questions and input. With the high volume this brings, NBCS will expand this to include more social media takeovers and live chats.

The way Burke connects with the players is also a pleasure to see. As fans, we always love to hear from those who have donned the Warrior’s colors. This access Burke gets is always a joy to listen to, making her a necessary follow for the rest of the season.

The Blogs

Golden State of Mind: @unstoppablebaby

Golden State of Mind serves as the blog and community revolving around the Warriors. One of the 300 communities featured on SB Nation, they serve as one of the most active avenues for Warriors fans to be informed about all topics related to the Dubs.

One of their best features is the in-game discussions they have. As you can see from the Opening Night thread, there are plenty of active and passionate Warriors fans discussing the action while it happens. Join the conversation and be a part of the Golden State of Mind community!

Warriorsworld: @warriorsworld

Another very active in-game blog with Warriors fans, Warriorsworld does a great job of keeping up with all things related to not only Warriors talk, but also other Bay Area related topics.

It also helps following along with someone who isn’t afraid to call out what they see. Doing this is a great way to spark a conversation and detail why they can do Steve Kerr’s job better than he does.

The Fans

Bay Area Booger @PapaBoog

While Bay Area Booger is not affiliated with the real Booger McFarland, any Bay Area sports fan will enjoy the reactions before, during, and after games Papa Boog provides. While sometimes the passion may lead to the use of some explicit words, you will not regret following along during this Warriors season.

There are always high expectations around Dub Nation, making it common to overreact following performances like that of opening night. Following accounts like Bay Area Booger should help assure that you will maintain a positive outlook while enjoying Warriors basketball.

r/Warriors: @GSWReddit

Reddit has turned into a great resource for communication regarding any topic imaginable. The same can be said about the comment sections regarding basketball. At Belly Up Sports, we love communicating with people on Reddit about sports.

In particular, the Warriors’ Reddit page serves as another resource for news updates and insightful conversations. They also go in-depth on topics fans maybe didn’t even know about. Remember the other day when it broke that Stephen Curry didn’t agree to an extension and you had a mini heart attack? Well, thanks to the Reddit page, we could find a breakdown of what they meant. Go ahead and give this page a follow to stay even more up to date.

Don’t worry Steph, they won’t all be like this… hopefully!

Now that you have finished reading, what are you waiting for? Turn Steph’s frown around and get out there and join the conversation about your Golden State Warriors. With no date in sight for when fans will be allowed back to the stadium, there is no better way to watch along with other supporters of Dub Nation!

Thank you for reading and let’s get ready for another great and hopefully full NBA season. For more sports content, follow me on Twitter @MaxStinesBUS as well as our team @BellyUpSports. For all things, basketball, follow @HoopsBellyUp or check out Belly Up Sport’s Basketball page for more articles like this.
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