For the first time since the days of Smoking Jay, Vanderbilt football is relevant. That is because of Sarah Fuller, who is getting all the hate in the world right now after going two-for-two on extra points yesterday. As keyboard warriors go at each other about where her place in the football world is, there are some people who might have some points.

The Story So Far

If you don’t know about Sarah Fuller yet, where have you been? I’ll give you a brief rundown. Vanderbilt’s entire kicking unit was quarantined due to coronavirus, and they needed a fill in. The only people on campus were the women’s soccer team coming off an SEC Championship win, so (the now unemployed) Derek Mason called Sarah Fuller up. One squib kick, two extra points, and a special teams player of the week award later, the Sarah Fuller hate is in full swing! Are any of the haters right in this situation?

Too Much Praise

Ok, look, the Sarah Fuller story is very cool, and she doesn’t deserve this hate. However, a Special Teams Player of the Week award is a bit much. One squib kick later and she gets the award? C’mon now. I’m all for equality and making history, but I can see the argument here. This is more of a participation trophy than anything else.

Validity of hate: low

Look, she made history, so I get why they gave her the award. But I also understand the confusion with giving her the award after a squib kick. However, she did not go out campaigning for this, Sarah just went out to kick some balls. Confusion? Perfectly valid. Hate? Not at all.

Her Ex-Boyfriend

Look, no one likes seeing their ex do better after the breakup. If they broke up amicably, the dude needs to calm down. But if it was a bad breakup, this guy has every right in the world to be upset… okay, he doesn’t have the right to be, but I can see where he’s coming from. He probably had D1 dreams, and seeing his girlfriend fulfill these dreams has to hurt. The ex-Mr. Sarah Fuller can hate internally, but he shouldn’t be in her replies talking shit.

Validity of hate: low or high (it depends)

If things ended well and it just didn’t work out, shut up. You’re just being petty and don’t want to see her succeed. However, if it wasn’t a good relationship and things ended poorly (and it was more so her issues as opposed to yours), I get it. You shouldn’t be giving her all this hate, but I get why you would feel that way.


Sarah Fuller hate just comes from jealousy... jealousy everywhere

Look, am I annoyed Sarah Fuller is a much better athlete than me? Yeah, the same way I’m annoyed that Lebron James is 6’8 or Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive. That annoyance comes from jealousy. I wish I were as good as them. I simply am not, but I’m not going to hate Sarah Fuller because of it.

Validity of hate: low

There are always going to be people better than you at something, and jealousy is natural. Hating them for it, however, is absurd. Be impressed, and focus on yourself.


The final group of people is the majority. They will hide it saying they fall into the first grouping, but if they were really in that group, they wouldn’t be replying to every tweet about her to bitch. Their Sarah Fuller hate comes from their hatred of women, and the belief that men are superior. No one is superior to anyone else based on their race, gender identity, ethnicity, or anything else.

Validity of hate: extremely lowliterally on the floor

Sarah Fuller hate from misogynists: Shut up

You have two options here: admit you’re a misogynist and shut up, or just shut up entirely. Nobody cares about your opinion and why “Sarah should go back to the kitchen.”

There are your grades for reasons to hate Sarah Fuller! Regardless of which category you fall into, just shut up, no one cares. Instead of replying to any story about her, just take the time to follow me on Twitter instead! Need more Sarah Fuller content? Do I have the blog for you!

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    Im wondering if you have noticed how the media has changed? Now it seems that it is discussed thoroughly and more in depth. Frankly it is about time we see a change.

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