Well, here we are. The list that took Gump Twitter by storm (and caused a lot of anger). I left some people of it, and that didn’t go over to well. Am I a sadomasochist? Do I want to get roasted again? Honestly, the attention was nice, but I’ve learned. We’re going to break it down by big accounts and small accounts.

As a note, for the most part, this is not media members. Unfortunately, this leaves out guys like Chris Marler and Alabama Diehards, but I don’t make the rules. I just think them up, follow them, and enforce them.

Without further ado:

The Big Accounts

These are going to be accounts with, let’s say, more than a thousand followers. These are bonafide must follows to stay up to date on Gump Twitter.

Tuscaloosa’s Cigar Mansion (@RandRCigars)

These guys went after me, and deservedly. They also got me over 400 followers by roasting me, so that king of made my list a little bit more legit. Thanks guys!

They kill it week in and week out with great takes, comedy, and while selling a great product. If you find yourself on 6th Street or on McFarland in Northport and need some cigars, whiskey, or beer, be sure to swing by. Tell them BellyUpKev sent you… actually, don’t, they either wouldn’t know what you were talking about or they’d laugh you out of the store.

Clack (@JoshClackler)

You can’t talk R&R without following them up with Clack. Self described as a “Simp. Podcaster. Beer Drinker. Roll Tide.” My motto in life is “come for the bad takes, stay for the friendship.” Clack embodies that motto, and he even has the Terrible Takes Podcast. I don’t think I’m supposed to link to that because it’s not on our network, but it’s there.

Adam Weil (@AdamWeil22)

This omission was a lowkey big L on my part last time around. If you’re looking for some good coverage of the team, he’s your guy. If you’re looking for some comedy, he’s your guy. He is your one stop shop for Gump Twitter, and you need to follow him now.

Nick Saban (@sabanfaux)

I’m going to be honest, the first time around I struggled with this one. Not because they aren’t deserving, but because they have 15.7k followers. However, once I committed to breaking it up to big and small accounts, this was a no brainer. He goes to bat for Bama constantly, and you can’t leave the GOAT off the list. Given the criteria (no media sites/members), this is maybe the biggest Gump Twitter must follow there is.

Bryant-Denny Stadium (@BryantDenny_UA)

Same thing as Nick Saban here, I did struggle with this last time around. I mean, 30.5k followers is a lot, and probably more than I’ll ever have. However, you can’t ignore greatness. BDS has seen some greatness come through, and this twitter account is no different.

ᴶᵁᴸᴷ 𓃰 (@_Ro11Tide)

She could have been included based on the headers she makes alone. As a personal note, I hate how fire her headers are because I made a commitment to never change my header in honor of my late friend, but everyone I see I go “oh… kind of want to change my header.”

In addition to that, she’s hysterical, and will add a lot to your Twitter feed.

Anthony Digesu (@ADigesu10)

A new rule for this is I have to include at least one basketball submission a list, because Alabama is a basketball school. Anthony doest not run a basketball centered account, but it is his bread and butter. It’s a good way to get into Bama basketball, but also have some football takes as well as arguments with fake OJ accounts.

Nick Perkins (@NPerkins96)

Cruz actually recommended following Nick to me on the Korner Booth, and I am so glad I listened to him. I’m a relatively new follow here, but he’s a very entertaining follow. Some great takes and just a good time to be had by all.

James Todd (@jamestodd425)


The Small Accounts

There are more big accounts I could list, but I haven’t even gotten to the small ones and this is already way longer than the first list. This one is more personal preference, the small accounts I enjoy may not be your cup of tea. These are more the people I interact with that I want to shout out.

Charleston Bama Chapter (@Lowcountry_Tide)

Their New Year’s Resolution was to make this list in 2021. Well, Merry Christmas guys, you made it! Don’t let the name throw you off, even if you’re not from Charleston, still an entertaining account. They also called me a Gump Twitter legend, and compliments will get you everywhere with me.

Ty Pulliam (@ASTheBeardedOne)

Outside of Cruz, Ty is probably the account I interact with the most. The Bama takes are great, as are most of his sports takes. There are some political Tweets, but if you don’t mind that, a good must follow.

Brittany Ford (@brittanyy_ford)

Seeing another Bama and Pats fan has me googling engagement rings to be honest. When she tweets, it’s very enjoyable, but sometimes tweets are few and far between. If you’re looking to get into Gump Twitter slowly without being inundated with tweets, this is a good follow.

Conway Vinny (@conway__vinny)

A great Gump Twitter follow here without being all about Bama. NFL, life, this guy has it all. I’m kind of surprised he doesn’t have more followers, but he qualifies for small accounts now! Let’s make it so he doesn’t qualify anymore.

caroline xcx (@carolnotkennedy)

*Caroline is censoring this description*

A good, lowkey Gump Follow. A Dolphins fan because of Tua, like most Alabama fans. Her twitter isn’t too eye catching, but reply to a tweet and that’s where she really shines. Also, sup?

There’s your Gump Twitter list part two! Probably won’t be a part three, but who knows. Roast me on twitter for it (@BellyUpKev) and be sure to follow @BellyUpFootball on twitter to stay up to date on the CFP.

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