As the NBA preseason reaches its conclusion and we inch closer towards the regular season, the breaking news and daily commentary that follows the league has only just begun. NBA Twitter is a wonderful place. If you’re looking to stay up to date with all things Trail Blazers, there are a few ‘must follow’ accounts you should be, well, following. From beat writers to courtside reporters, blogs to late-night comedians, here are the best Portland Trail Blazers Twitter accounts to follow during the 2020-21 season.    

The Journalists

Aaron Fentress: @AaronJFentress

Also known as A-A-Ron, Aaron doesn’t suffer fools. Let’s start there. A sportswriter for The Oregonian, he himself is a lover of all things Chicago sports so don’t expect any fan-centric or biased takes. In addition to the Blazers, Fentress covers enterprise football for The Oregonian (University of Oregon, Oregon State, Seattle Seahawks), so if you’re a fan of PNW football in addition to Rip City, this is a great account to follow.

Expect bluntness, sure, but don’t be surprised by an above average level of Janet Jackson fanaticism.

Also, his GIF game is strong.

Casey Holdahl: @CHold

Casey is the Blazers’ preeminent digital reporter. Having been with the team since 2007, Holdahl covers everything from in-game action to off-the-court antics. He is one of the best accounts to follow if you’re looking for live, in-game updates and some occasional bartering with the McDonald’s social media team.

Come for the Trail Blazers news, stay for a potential game of ‘Where in the World is Casey Holdahl.’

Jason Quick: @jwquick

Quick covers the Blazers for The Athletic, providing in-depth editorial content rather than daily coverage. His work alone is worth the price of a subscription, but he also tweets out links to other great Athletic writers who touch on more than just the NBA.

He writes emotional stories. He writes stories that may evoke nostalgia. Sometimes, though, you just want to read about one of the best point guards in the league gunning three-pointers from half-court, and he’s got you covered there, too.

Brooke Olzendam: @brookeolzendam

Now one of the longest-tenured members of Portland’s broadcast team, Brooke is the Trail Blazers’ courtside reporter. Of everyone following the team, she likely covers the most ground; frequently interacting with players, coaches, and reporters, all in addition to her broadcast partners.

Olzendam’s Twitter presence is often funny and light-hearted, spanning from professional sports to pop-culture and entertainment, but my favorite part of her work is how skilled she is at making players comfortable enough to show the non-basketball sides of their lives.

The Blogs

Blazer’s Edge: @blazersedge

Blazer’s Edge is Portland’s SB Nation representative. If you’re familiar with other SB Nation outlets, Blazer’s Edge follows the same script of being a fantastic aggregator, giving you all the best Trail Blazers’ content from across the sports media landscape.

They have a stellar team of writers and do a great job of fan engagement. What stands out about their content is their ability to remain largely unbiased while still finding ways to cater to one of the most passionate fan bases in the league.

Pinwheel Empire: @PinwheelEmpire

Pinwheel is a fan-centered Blazers blog with writers being made up exclusively of Rip City fanatics. What makes Pinwheel unique is how well they consolidate Blazers’ fan-focused content from around Twitter and the internet at large. If there’s a soon to be viral tweet attached to a Damian Lillard video, you’ll see it first on Pinwheel.

Don’t forget, this is a fan-based blog. If you’re looking for unbiased journalism, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for grudge-warfare and bitter resentment, welcome home.

The Fans

Dane Delgado: @danegado

Dane is a Portland-based content creator and writer, formerly working in various capacities with NBC Sports,, and SB Nation.

You don’t follow Dane for breaking news. You don’t follow Dane for the long-form exposés. What you do follow Dane for, is the front-office level insights.

Show me a better roster. I’ll wait.


TRILLBLAZIN isn’t just a hilarious and wonderful Blazers’ fan account, it’s also your go-to place for Portland influenced streetwear. Their stuff moves quickly so you’re going to want to turn on notifications if you expect to grab their new releases. Even if you don’t get lucky on the merch drops, the all-caps tweets and Blazer mania make them a worthy follow.

Hey @TRILLBLAZIN, on the off-chance you’re reading this, you should send me some dope stuff.

I mean, come on.

Ian Karmel: @IanKarmel

The best thing to come out of Beaverton since Sesame Donuts, Ian is a proud Portland native. In addition to being a co-head writer for The Late Late Show with James Corden, he also hosts the fantastic All Fantasy Everything podcast. We once had an across the street chat in downtown New York in which his fear of being yelled at by a stranger quickly turned to a congenial, albeit still concerned, willingness to entertain my antics.

Things got rocky for a minute when fans saw Ian featured as the newest Laker Girl, but it was merely a television bit. His allegiance is as pure as a Mount Hood river stream. He’s a top-five follow on Twitter regardless of his love of Rip City, so if you’re looking for an account where the humor comes first and Blazers’ content is a side dish, Ian is your guy.

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