The Charlotte Hornets kicked off their preseason with a 111-100 loss to the Toronto Raptors. Even though the outcome wasn’t what fans wanted, there’s still plenty to be optimistic about before heading into the regular season. Let’s start off with some outrageous preseason overreactions after the first preseason game.

Style of Play

The Hornets played with reckless abandon to start the game. The team played at such a fast and exciting tempo that led to a 22-0 run in the first quarter. When the horn sounded to end the first quarter I was ready to crown the Hornets NBA champs and prepare myself for next season. If the Hornets can keep that pace of play all season, they will be a very fun team to watch.

Young Stars

The Hornets’ core of the roster is young guys who have plenty of years ahead of them in the league. Graham and Washington showed huge improvements after great rookie seasons. Tonight, both players played 20 minutes and scored eight point. The Hornets can really count on these two to be key contributors to the team this season.

Two other players that really shined bright in the preseason opener were Gordon Hayward and Miles Bridges. Hayward logged 20 minutes and finished the game with 11 points. Bridges continued to add to his human highlight reel with a nasty jam that counted for two of his 12 points. I know there isn’t a dunk contest this year, but can we just give the trophy to Bridges?

All eyes were on LaMelo Ball for his NBA debut. LaMelo didn’t score a basket, but did account for 10 rebounds and 4 assists.

Lamelo looked extremely comfortable handling the rock in his NBA debut. The kid brings a much-needed flash to this Hornets team. In my opinion, LaMelo has all the makings of becoming a star in this league. LaMelo looking for that Rookie of The Year Trophy early in the preseason.

Preseason Overreaction Alert: Turnovers

If iI had one thing negatively to have an overreaction about in this preseason game it would be turnovers. The Hornets turned the ball over 22 times, and at times looked extremely sloppy. Since the team hasn’t had much time together, I’m not sounding the alarm on this issue just yet. This could be an easy fix as the team gets more practice under their belt.

Having the Hornets back on our TV’s was the early Christmas present we all deserved. This team has the chance to be really special this season, and I’m ready for every second of it. Charlotte will be back in action on Monday, as they look for revenge in a rematch with Toronto. Basketball is back folks, let’s enjoy it while we can.

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