The Green Bay Packers selected AJ Dillon with the 62nd overall pick in the draft, just four spots ahead of the Washington Football Team’s new starting running back Antonio Gibson. Dillon played his college ball at Boston College and broke a bunch of the school’s records while doing it. As a freshman he won the ACC’s Rookie of The Year award while rushing for over 1,500-yards and 14 touchdowns. Some highly notable NFL players that have won that award include, Russell Wilson, Calvin Johnson, and Philip Rivers. Talk about good company. 

However, “The Sauce” doesn’t share awards with many. He is at the top list when it comes to BC’s career rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. He finished with over 4000 yards and 38 touchdowns in only three years. 

Dillon is a New England native who has been the talk of the town for years. He is a dominant running back with size and speed. He runs almost like no one you’ve ever seen. If I had to compare him to anyone it would have to be Derrick Henry just because of the size. Except he doesn’t run exactly like Henry, he runs more like Saquon in my opinion. He might be a perfect mixture of both of them. His balance is superior to almost anyone. To see him absolutely man handle an opponent please click this.

That run might just be the meanest run I’ve ever seen. He completely tosses him 5 feet backwards and then casually runs 75-yards down the field for his fourth touchdown of the day. 

To say I’m excited to see him play in the NFL is an understatement. People like to say he can’t catch, but I think Aaron Rodgers could help fix that. That could be as soon as next year with Aaron Jones becoming a free agent. Jones is likely going to demand a decent paycheck and the Packers drafted Dillon for a reason. If the Packers can’t finalize a contract extension, Jones will be up for sale. 

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