Evander Kane versus Logan Paul: the fight none of us knew we wanted. It’s a dream come true for hockey fans. One of the sports greatest brawlers versus an internet celebrity we’d all like to see punched in the face.

But that match-up wouldn’t be as uneven as most hockey fans would like to think. My own biases aside, if this goes down, I predict this would be an evenly matched fight. With that being said, I still see a clear winner.

After watching Logan’s brother Jake humiliate former NBA player Nate Robison, an onslaught of call-outs and challenges came from various celebrities, athletes, and endless keyboard warriors.

Logan Paul quickly came to his brother’s defense after a call out from Evander Kane.

“San Jose Sharks? What is that exactly? Is that some sort of fish? An aquatic animal that lives in San Jose?”

Shortly after Paul’s comments, Evander responded:

“Logan Paul. I’ll take the mop off your head and wipe the floor with (sic) ya.”

Evander Kane, Twitter

“Put him on the list. I’ll do it, “ Paul responds.

The dialogue between the two had died down over the week, but hypothetically, here is how the fight would break down.

Tale of the Tape

Paul weighed in at his last fight at 6’2″, 199 pounds. His physical strength and conditioning should not be underestimated. He has a proven record as a high school wrestler, finishing fifth in state back in 2013.

Since that time, Logan has been making internet content, boxing random Russians that show up at his house, and facing off against KSI in the boxing ring, where he is 0-1-1.

Evander Kane has an estimated weight of 210 pounds and stands at 6’2″.

Hockey players fall short in physical conditioning only behind boxers. At 29, Evander is still an active physical force in the NHL and has the reputation of a heavyweight brawler. He does not have any professional boxing fights, but he has trained in boxing since he was young.

As far as conditioning goes, both men’s physical prowess should not be underestimated, but the consistent training regimen of a professional hockey player has to be more demanding than the occasional boxer who focuses much of his time on viral content.

The conditioning advantage goes to Kane, but I have no doubt that Paul would show up to this fight in top shape, and show an impressive amount of stamina and technique.

There’s a big difference between boxing and hockey fights. If boxing is akin to the military stylings of colonial battle formations, then hockey fighting would be considered guerilla warfare. Hockey fights involve quick bursts of untamed aggression and usually last no more than a few seconds.

Paul has developed an impressive technique to his style of boxing, showcasing it in videos and professional fights.

Kane has yet to prove himself in the ring, and with his lack of professional boxing experience, the upper hand goes to Paul.

Final Decision

There are noticeable disadvantages to Paul’s style of boxing that would provide an experienced fighter an easy opportunity for a knockout. He has consistently kept a relaxed guard, leaving his hands low throughout most of his fights. A more aggressive, trained fighter could exploit his defensive stance into a quick KO.

Paul’s greatest strength is on the defensive. He’s delivered some solid counterpunches that often left his opponents shaken, and if he continues to strengthen his impressive left jab, it could be a quick KO for any of his opponents.

Kane’s biggest advantage is his lack of fear for any challenger. His offensive style could potentially overwhelm Paul’s defense. Paul is noticeably uncomfortable against a strong offense, and with the overwhelming combinations from a well-trained hockey player, that leaves me with one clear winner in this fight:

Evander Kane by TKO late in the third round.

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