Welcome to Belly Up’s Over-Reactionary Coach’s Hot Seat Scale for NFL Week 17! (Or BUORCHSS, for short.) It’s been quite a ride this year with the inaugural hot seat scale, but all good (?) things must come to an end. The end of the regular season has passed, and it’s onto the playoffs. This season, I have introduced several hot seat scales, and like every scale, there was plenty of movement. No one wants to see anyone lose their job, but I’ve had fun writing these pieces. On we go for the final hot seat scale of the 2020 NFL regular season.

Coach for Life

Sean McDermott, John Harbaugh, Kevin Stefanski, Bill Belichick, Joe Judge, Bruce Arians, Matt LaFleur, Frank Reich, Sean McVay, Pete Carroll, Sean Peyton, Matt Vrabel, Ron Rivera.

No need to dive deep for this level of the hot seat scale after NFL Week 17. Most of the coaches on this level of the scale coach teams that are (were) playoff-bound.


Brian Flores, Mike Tomlin, Mike Zimmer, Darren Rovell, Mike McCarthy, Raheem Morris, Zac Taylor, Matt Nagy, John Gruden, Vic Fangio, Kliff Kingsbury, Kyle Shanahan, Matt Rhule, Romeo Crennel.

One of these coaches had their team back into the playoffs at the other’s expense. Nagy’s Bears didn’t need to beat the Packers because the Kingsbury’s Cardinals laid an egg (no pun intended) against the Rams. Kingsbury’s job isn’t necessarily in jeopardy, but there is some evaluation to do in the desert this offseason. Morris still interviewed for the full-time job in Atlanta, while it looks like Crennel has served his time in Houston. Both will likely land coordinator spots elsewhere.

Instant Pot

None. Pressure is off because the season’s over.


Bill O’Brien, Dan Quinn, Matt Patricia, Adam Gase, Doug Marrone, Anthony Lynn, Doug Pedersen.

Black Monday always follows NFL Week 17, and two of these coaches were unsurprisingly let go. Considering they both spent a copious amount of time in the Circle of Hell: Level 8 hot seat scale, it’s no surprise that they’re gone. New York Jets management let it be known on Sunday evening that Gase would not return next season.

(Cue the rejoicing from Jets fans in 3… 2… 1…)

(Oh, and Jets fans are still waiting for an apology from Colin Cowherd for this SPICY take – we know we’ll never get one.)

Marrone was let go by the Jaguars on Black Monday Monday afternoon.

And despite the Chargers finishing the season on a four-game winning streak, it wasn’t enough to save Lynn’s job.

I’m actually glad that I waited to release the final hot seat scale of the 2020 season. Philadelphia’s coaching situation seemed to be in flux after the extraordinarily controversial game between the Eagles and Washington. The axe handle dropped on Tuesday when Pedersen was let go from the Eagles.

Now What?

The coaching carousel has ramped up with lots of interviews. On Thursday afternoon, the Jaguars announced they hired former Utah/Florida/Ohio State coach Urban Meyer.

And late Thursday night, the Jets announced they hired San Francisco defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.

Five teams – the Lions, Chargers, Texans, Falcons, and Eagles – now have coaching vacancies to fill. One of our newest columnists, Peter Nova, wrote about the most and least desirable coaching jobs. Check it out here. As for me, it’s hockey season, so I’ll be waxing wise on all things puck-related. Check out our ever-growing hockey coverage throughout the regular season and beyond.

See you at training camp!

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