Christmas came early for professional goalkeepers everywhere last week, as Lionel Messi and Budweiser teamed up to flex on every single soccer player ever and celebrate Messi’s historic accomplishments with FC Barcelona. On Tuesday, December 22nd, Messi scored his 644th goal playing for FC Barcelona, breaking Pelé’s all-time record for most goals with a single club.

To commemorate such an accomplishment and to show his alpha-male status, Messi and Budweiser custom-made 644 bottles of beers for each of his goals and sent them all to the goalkeepers that allowed them.

The Hit List

The biggest winner, or maybe biggest loser depending on how you look at it, of this “give up a goal, win a beer sweepstakes” is Diego Alves. Alves is a former Valencia goalkeeper who conceded 21 goals to Messi during his time playing in La Liga. Personally, if I was Diego Alves, the last thing I want is 21 beers from Lionel Messi. Those bottles would serve as a reminder of how many times he has schooled me on the pitch. Another 14 goalkeepers conceded 10 or more goals to Messi so Alves isn’t the only one who has a rather large cold case of buds heading their way!

The Keeper’s Comments

Some of those who made the infamous list were good sports about it all and took to twitter to congratulate Messi on his achievement.

My Hypothesis

I feel like Messi wants these goalkeepers to have drunk fever dreams about him after drinking these. Messi just wants to live in these goalkeepers heads rent free! He might as well have just sent them a DVD with the his goals on repeat so they can at least have something to watch while they cry into their (what looks to be) GALLON SIZED BEER BOTTLES! Could you imagine if Randy Moss sent a fruit basket to every cornerback or safety that he ever snagged over? Or if James Harden sent a bottle of champagne to every player he’s dropped off on the court? That would be unheard of! Kevin Durant’s Twitter burner accounts would be firing on all cylinders if he got a case of James Harden bubbly.

However, I’m sure those bottles would be a hell of an investment. Can you imagine how much bottle number one would sell for in ten years if it was signed by the goalkeeper, Raul Valbuena, and Messi himself? I’m sure the beer would taste terrible by then but it would be a hell of a collectors item.

All jokes aside, Messi is one of the greatest to ever do it. This tremendous accomplishment just goes to show how great of a player he is and how great he has been for the past two decades. This is just yet another historic milestone that can be added to his incredible legacy. Personally, I just wish he would have celebrated it in a less arrogant manner.

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