Urban Meyer drafts first overall in the 2021 NFL Draft with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but does Urban Meyer draft Trevor Lawrence? I know this all sounds crazy, and in four months we will probably look back on this article and laugh at me for being an idiot, but hear me out. I think there is a legitimate chance that Urban Meyer shocks the world and draft Justin Fields first overall.

The Logic in the Meyer Draft Pick

The reason why Meyer may draft Fields first overall is the simple logic: the Ohio State Connection. Granted, Meyer played no role in recruiting Fields. By the time Justin Fields transferred to Ohio State, Urban Meyer already retired. Meyer and Fields have no-known relationship or chemistry.

Justin Fields has the Ohio State training, mentality, skillset, everything. Everything that the Ohio State football team knows and trains their players to do was created by Urban Meyer. Meyer can easily build an Ohio State-like offense in Duval County. The Buckeye offense revolves around quarterback mobility, fast receivers, and a reliable rushing attack. Jacksonville can have a quarterback with incredible mobility, they have a 4.34 40-yard dash receiver in D.J Chark, and the Jaguars can rely on James Robinson on the ground.

There are two learning curves the rookie quarterbacks go through in the National Football League. One is learning the team’s offense, and the other is learning the opponent’s defense. Meyer can help eliminate the learning curve in one of these aspects.

What about Trevor Lawrence?

If Lawrence isn’t drafted first overall, the NFL world turns upside down. The entire city of New York erupts in celebration and excitement because even though the Jets screwed up their tank job, they can still get Lawrence. Unless the Jets pulled the unthinkable and traded the number two pick for Deshaun Watson. If that happens, Trevor Lawrence might be a Houston Texan. Wild, right?

Who does Meyer Pick?

Alrighty, who does Meyer take to the dance? The tall, lanky blonde or the dance partner we didn’t see coming? The obvious answer or the pick we didn’t expect?

Jags land Trevor Lawrence and help at DT in Todd McShay's latest mock

For the New York Post, Urban Meyer said, “who we pick at the quarterback spot, that’s going to be one of the most important decisions  I’ve made in my lifetime.” With that being said, I still expect Urban Meyer to draft Trevor Lawrence. The Clemson Tiger is the no-brainer first-overall option.

So what the heck was the point of this article? I’m saying that, given the situation, Meyer has to be tempted to draft Justin Fields first instead because of the Ohio State-like offense Meyer can build around Fields.

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