Masked Dancer Episode Two Recap

Episode two of the Masked Dancer was this week and they introduced the final group of contestants o Group B, aka group ice took the stage for the first time this season. It did not disappoint as there were some new clues and of course a big reveal.

This show is giving viewers everything they love from the Masked Singer but with some twists and turns. Many viewers were hooked after last week’s epic premiere. Each of the clues were sprinkled into some of the dances and the variety of dances were cool. If anyone missed out on episode two, here is a little recap of what went down.

Episode Two Performances


Sloth did a routine that was like a work-out video, which was fun. He was entertaining and hilarious in his dancing. Even though he may not be a professional dancer, his personality could help him make a run in the competition. It seems that Sloth could be a Broadway star or athlete.

Clues: treadmill, jungle, D.R, toothpaste, #13 and stop watch.

Word Up Clue: broad way

Most popular Internet Guess: Jason Derulo

Cotton Candy

An absolutely beautiful performance from the Cotton Candy. She has sweet moves and her flying pyrotechnics was risky. She shocked everyone with her resilience after a fall in rehearsals and she has a winner’s attitude.  It was considered the best performance of the night because she came out with an amazing performance.

Clues: new family, breakfast, wizz kid, bubble and perfectionist.

Word Up Clue: primetime

Most Popular Internet Guess: Julianne Hough


Zebra could really salsa dance which is such a beautiful style and hard to do. He had fast footwork like someone who is a dancer or performer. There were a lot of movie clues like the set and talk of a comeback for whoever this may be.

Clues: set, medal, rough neighborhood, classic car, Larger than Life and laying low.

Word Up Clues: comeback

Most Popular Internet Guess: Ricky Martin

More from Episode Two

Miss Moth

Moth took her turn in the spotlight in a fun way to end the show. Her dancing was graceful, considering she may not be a professional dancer. The costume is deceiving as she unexpectedly chose a country-style dancing. Even though she is talented, it may not be enough to compete with others.

Clues: clothes, tabloids, traumatic experience, issues, and spotlight .

Word up clue: inspired

Most Popular Internet Guess: Megan Kelly

Ice Cube

Ice Cube brought us the old fashion moves this week. He came out with swagger and confidence in his performance, which was refreshing to see. Based on the clues, it appears that he is not a trained dancer, but maybe a host who could be in the political world.

Clues: money, isolated, white house, ballet slippers, climate change and tv.

Word Up Clues: 90’s icon

Most Popular Internet Guess: Anderson Cooper

Episode Two Reveal

Ice Cube was revealed as Emmy award winner and best-selling author Bill Nye. He is known as the science guy, especially for those who grew up in the 90’s. One of the panelists had the right guess and it was cool to see him.

Furthermore, this group raised the bar high with their performances and personalities, Season one looks to be a gun first season with plenty of talent. Masked Dancer is new Wednesdays on Fox. For more sports and entertainment visit Belly Up Sports.

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