In episode three of The Masked Dancer, also known as the group B playoffs, the final four contestants from this group returned to the stage. They will move and groove with an exclusive set of new clues. One dancer will be unmasked, and the remaining three will move on to the Super Six.

Group B did not disappoint this week as the dancers were amazing. So, please keep reading to find out who danced their way to the top as these masked celebs were back for a new episode—time for everyone to make their guesses of who is behind the masks.

Episode Three Performances

Cotton Candy

Another delectable routine from the Cotton Candy who continues to amaze each week. She brought down the house with her impeccable moves and skills on the dance floor—a talented dancer reminiscent of a gymnast. The panelists feel that Cotton Candy is one of the main contenders in the competition.

Clues: story boo, set -backs, practice, missed milestones, limelight , iced out and eagle.

Word Up Clue : team player

Most Popular Internet Guess: Gabby Douglas


Zebra came out to earn his stripes this week with a slowed-down performance. He was doing his thing out on the stage with his moves. The panelists noticed that he moved like a boxer or fighter. Even though he may not be the best dancer, he is fun to watch.

Clues: Paintings, CEO, U.F.C, love, mentors, grew up in poverty, and records.

Word Up Clue: Champion

Most Popular Internet Guess: Michael Phelps

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The Sloth dropped it like it was hot during his performance as he had everyone dancing along with him. He did a ribbon dance, which takes a lot of strength and concentration. It seems Sloth will be around for a while because he is an amazing dancer who has a fun personality.

Clues: mirror, new language new place, skydiving, boom box and bad boy.

Word Up Clue: leading man

Most Popular Internet Guess: Will Ferrell


Moth danced like she was made for the spotlight in an impressive dance that seemed to tell a story. Her enjoyment and confidence came across in the performance. Even though she is not the best dancer, it was fun to watch. Based on clues, the Moth could be a news anchor or politician.

Clues: motivational speaker, shy, news headline, thrust in spotlight, be smart and metamorphosis.

Word up clue: best seller

Most Popular Internet Guess: Megyn Kelly

Episode Three Reveal

Another big reveal this week as they all fight for the final three spots. Therefore, the Moth was revealed as activist and ABC News commentator Elizabeth Smart. She is known for her work with children and news stories. Even though the clues fit, it was still a surprise to see her revealed in the end.

Group B left it all on the floor in the playoffs as they were all good. This is a strong group of dancers who will be hard to beat. Masked Dancer is new Wednesdays on Fox. For more sports and entertainment, visit Belly Up Sports.

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