Welcome back for the NBA Week Four recap! To be honest it was a pretty boring week… no real news or anything. Not! This week was highlighted by a massive trade that sent Rocket’s star James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets to team up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, if he ever decides to show up to play. You can read more on that trade here. Now onto the highlights.

Top Dunks of the Week

De’Aaron Fox with a BOOMING dunk to close out the game and caps it off with a monstrous roar!

Isaiah Hartenstein puts that dunk on Joe Harris’s Head!

Wiseman finishes with a superman-like slam on Bol Bol.

Miles Bridges with an EXTREME back scratcher!

Derrick Jones Jr. catches a alley oop from half court from Damian Lillard!

Rookie of the Year Ja Morant back from injury like he never left!

Chimezie Metu just learned a valuable life lesson. NEVER jump with Zion Williamson! He’ll make you pay.

Best Plays of Week Four

LaMelo Ball, channeling his inner Patrick Mahomes, dishes a full court dime to Gordon Hayward for the easy bucket.

The bank is always open for Tacko Fall from deep! Anytime somebody 7’5″ splashes from the arc it’s a highlight!

Bradley Beal hits a ridiculous circus style layup, too bad the Wizards are really bad at winning games!

LeBron James with the most disrespectful three-pointer.

Stephen Curry’s application for Dude Perfect just keep getting better and better.

LaMelo pulls it from damn near the parking lot!

Shake Milton, which is on all time great name, loses possession of the ball but then BANGS a wild three ball!

Luka is really playing a video game on the court while the rest of the league is just trying to play real basketball…

Funniest Moments of the Week

Kyle Anderson has some fun with Andre Drummond during a jump ball.

Announcer makes a hilarious comment on Harden’s obvious weight gain!

The sheer presences of Draymond Green has to power to stop a three-on-one fast break!

Luka finishes with an all-time weak fastbreak finish and leaves the Mavs bench extremely disappointed!

The whole Nets squad flocks to help KD like birds swarm somebody giving out bread!

In case anyone was wondering if Ben Simmons has gotten any better at shooting from deep…

He hasn’t.

NBA Standings as of (01/17/2021)

Western Conference
  1. Lakers 11-3
  2. Clippers 10-4
  3. Jazz 9-4
  4. Suns 7-4
  5. Trail Blazers 8-5
  6. Spurs 7-6
  7. Mavericks 5-4
  8. Warriors 6-6
  9. Grizzlies 6-6
  10. Thunder 6-6
  11. Nuggets 6-7
  12. Pelicans 5-7
  13. Rockets 4-7
  14. Kings 3-6
  15. Timberwolves 3-8
Eastern Conference
  1. Bucks 9-4
  2. Celtics 8-4
  3. 76ers 9-5
  4. Pacers 8-5
  5. Nets 8-6
  6. Magic 6-8
  7. Cavaliers 6-7
  8. Hornets 6-8
  9. Knicks 6-8
  10. Hawks 5-7
  11.  Bulls 5-8
  12. Heat 4-7
  13. Raptors 4-8
  14. Wizards 3-8
  15. Pistons 3-9
Thank you for reading the NBA week four recap. I hope you enjoyed! You can find me on Twitter @Andrew_Winfield, while you’re there be sure to follow the main account @BellyUpSports! Check the Belly Up Sports NBA Page for more content from us and be sure to come back next monday for the week four recap!

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