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With news that half the team is sitting due to health and safety protocols, it’s tough to know what the latest buzz is on the team. Fear not, because I am here to help you! Here is how to stay in the know with Celtics Twitter.


If you want insight into the team with a little bit of humor then this is the one for you. Culler Sports is a page that covers all Boston Sports but specializes in all things Celtics. You’ll find some historical trivia on here as well as some statistical comparisons between Celtics players and players around the league. Don’t let it fool you though, this page isn’t your normal, dull sports page. They know how to have some fun too. I really enjoy the satirical comedy that comes from this page. The world can be a dark place sometimes and it’s nice to have a page that can brighten up my day with an insane Jayson Tatum stat or video of a hilarious NBA fail from somewhere around the league.


Smarfwater is a fellow member of the Marcus Smart fan club (I don’t know for sure though). If you want some good quality Celtics content here it is. They do all of their own graphics (they do commissions too) so most things they post are made by them. They also live-tweet the games (like most of Celtics Twitter) so it’s really easy to keep up with the games if you aren’t able to watch them. My personal favorite is when they tweet out some bold, but still plausible, predictions. This isn’t just some homer fan that made a Twitter page. This is a Celtics page that knows what they’re talking about.


Dante is a Celtics writer that loves to live-tweet the games. He is good for general Celtics analysis among other things. His ideas about transaction rumors and reactions usually tend to be what the community agrees with. It is very uncommon for Dante to have an opinion that is controversial. He also is not some homer that lives for the Celtics. He touches on topics all around the league. His fandom for Payton Pritchard is echoed by all of Boston I’m sure.


You can’t go wrong with following the Celtics main page. They tweet out highlights, scoring updates, injury reports, and press conference clips. They also have some cool content with the players. They also aren’t ones to shy away from tweeting out random stats.


John Karalis is a Celtics beat writer and Podcaster. He travels with the team (Pre-Covid) and covers them throughout the season. He tends to know more about the little things in the league that make it go round. If you have any questions about anything salary-related or say the new TPE then he’s your guy. John has this way of being able to explain things so that everyone can understand him. He’s definitely a personal favorite of mine and I highly recommend his podcast, Locked on Celtics. He also just wrote a book where he put together the all-time best Celtics team.

There is no way to keep up with Celtics twitter completely but if you follow these pages, you’re off to a good start. I’ll see ya’ll on the bird app.

If you want to read more about the Celtics then check out this article right here. And if you think that I would be a good addition to your Celtics Twitter following, you can follow me right here. Be sure to stay tuned to the Belly Up website for all things sports!

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